Monday, 2 January 2012

Local walk and St Ives

Monday 2nd January a.m
 Poor weather to start the year, yesterday was a wash out, this morning had
sunny spells and snow showers and a temperature of 1.5°C. We took the dog
for a walk down to Hallas Bridge during one of the sunny spells first seeing 10
Carrion Crows flying overhead.We also saw Collard Dove,Blackbird,Magpie,
Woodpigeons and around 40 Starlings which flew into nearby trees. As we
walked down Hallas Lane we saw a cock Pheasant in the distance, not a bad
start to our new year list.
  The weather improved later so we went to St Ives to add more birds to our new
list now sunny the temperature only 2°C. The first birds we saw were Mallards and
Canada Geese. Coots were in good numbers although fighting, the usual Moorhens
were present and good numbers of BH Gulls which with Crows and a Magpie were
feeding on some scraps left out. There was a male and female Goosander on the water
and walking round we saw our first Robins of the year.
c100 - Mallards
53 - BH Gulls
26 -Canadas
15 - Coot
11 - Moorhen
2 - Robins
plus other usual species
Mallard 1

Mallard 2

Canada 1

Canada 2



Coots spoiling for a fight

Carrion Crow


BH Gull 1

BH Gull 2

Goosander Collage

Mallard Collage


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