Saturday, 4 February 2012

Denso Marston Nature Reserve, Shipley

Saturday 4th February a.m.
 A very cold but bright start to the morning with a temperature of -4°C as
we visited a new site in Shipley. This is a Nature Reserve between the
Denso Marston factory and the River Aire, you can see details of the reserve
from my links list.Walking down to the reserve there were Carrion Crows,
Magpie and Blackbirds in the nearby fields. Walking alongside the River Aire
there were Mallards and two male and two female Goosanders on the River.
The pond area was frozen over but there were plenty of birds we could
observe through the viewing screens around the feeders, these included Robin,
Dunnock,Wren,LT Tit,Blue Tit,Great Tit and Chaffinch. We got more good views
of the Goosanders and Mallards further along the river. We turned back and had
another look at the feeders and then as we came back to the river there was a
Cormorant which sadly did not stop long enough for a snap.
Dunnock 1

Dunnock 2


Male Goosander

Female Goosander

Robin 1

Robin 2

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  1. Birders came here from far afield in June about 8/9 years ago. A Night Heron hung round for a few days!