Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lister Park, Bradford

Sunday 19th February a.m.
 A cold start to the day with the temperature 0°C, but a bright blue sky and sunshine at Lister
Park. We started off at the pond where there were Mallards,Canadas,Tufted Ducks,Coots,BH
and Common Gulls,Moorhen,Feral Pigeons and the Bar Headed Goose is also still here.There
was an additional 80 Canadas feeding on the grass above the pond, as we walked round a pair
of Blackbirds were in the hedges and then a Grey Wagtail flew from their direction and landed at
the side of the pond.
 We then went up to the steam which has a open wooded area where we saw various Tits,Magpie,
Carrion Crow,Dunnock,Wren,Chaffinch,Woodpigeon and House Sparrows. At the top end we saw
a pair of Jays which flew off, then a Nuthatch landed above us and there was a Robin in a tree full of
berries. There were a few Grey Squirrels about as we walked back down and then to finish a great
mornings birding off we saw a Treecreeper. We don't see many of these and we even managed a few
blurry snaps.

Bar-headed Goose

BH Gulls

Common Gull


Tufted Ducks

Grey Squirrel



Blue Tit

Nuthatch Collage

Treecreeper Collage

Lister Park, Bradford 1

Lister Park, Bradford 2

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  1. You did well to snap the Treecreeper and Wren, not easy birds.