Monday, 13 February 2012

Elland Gravel Pits

Monday 13th February p.m.
 A busy afternoon birding as we went to Elland Gravel Pits in the hope of seeing a Kingfisher.
It was a bit warmer here with a temperature of 7.5°C and the sun was out although it soon
clouded over. We walked along the canal and got a brief glimpse of a Kingfisher before it
disappeared, so we had a walk round and watched the birds at the feeding station with Tits
being the main feeders. While we were here four Cormorants flew over and we saw a male
and female Bullfinch. We walked back to the canal hoping we might get a better view of the
Kingfisher,after walking a while we were about to give up then saw it in the tree higher up than
we expected. It moved up and down the canal. We manage a few snaps of this female then it
was joined by a second bird maybe a male and off they went.
20 - Great Tits
10 - LT Tits
8 - Blue Tits
4 - Cormorant
2 - Kingfisher
2 - Bullfinch
2- Mallard
female Kingfisher 1

Kingfisher 2

Kingfisher 3

Blue Tit 1

Blue Tit 2

female Bullfinch

male Bullfinch

LT Tit 1

LT Tit 2

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