Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter Scenes and Garden Visitors

Sunday 5th February a.m.
 A snow covered winter scene this morning again with a sub zero temperature but
quite bright. Decided not to travel too far from home today, a couple of winter pics
taken whilst walking the dog and some birds visiting the feeders in the garden. I
refilled them this morning and was repaid by a visit from a Bullfinch, my first of the
year,other visitors were Chaffinch,Blue Tit,Great Tit and Goldfinch.
Bullfinch 1

Bullfinch 2

male Chaffinch

female Chaffinch


Winter Scene 1

Winter Scene 2


  1. Struggling to get a Bullfinch this year so far. A nice bird to get in your garden

  2. Good to know that you`re enjoying your birding, Danny.

    I`d love to get a Bully at my feeders. But then again, a Chaffinch would do (a scarce bird in my garden).