Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lister Park, Bradford

Saturday 4th February a.m.
 On the way home we called in to Lister Park to have a quick look round
before the forecast snow arrived, still cold at -0.5°C. A look on the pond
first where we saw Canadas,Mallards,Moorhen,Coot and Tufted Duck. The
Feral Pigeons were in their usual tree occasionally having a fly round as a flock
when something startled them. At the far end of the pond up towards Cartwright
Hall there was 87 Canadas trying to feed on the frozen grass, our escapee Bar-
Headed Goose was still with them, most of the pond at this end was also frozen.
There were also BH Gulls flying around.
130 - Canada Geese
c100 - Mallards
c50 Feral Pigeon
c40 - BH Gull
34 - Tufted Duck
12 - Coot
5 - Moorhen
2 - Woodpigeon
1 - Bar-headed Goose
Male Tufted Duck

Mallards and Tufted Duck

Canadas on the ice

Canadas & Bar-headed Goose

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