Friday, 24 February 2012

St. Ives,Bingley

Friday February 24th p.m.
 A sunny St.Ives this afternoon with the temperature at 9°C as we walked round the Coppice
Pond. There were good numbers of Mallards along with the usual Canadas,Coots and Moorhen
with 33 BH Gulls on the water. We spotted a Treecreeper and a feeding flock of Tits went through
of Blue and LT Tits. There were a number of Jackdaws feeding in the field with Magpie and
Carrion Crows around. We then went to the hide to watch the birds on the recently filled feeders,
with of course the Grey Squirrels joining in. Here we got good views of Nuthatch,Great Tit,Blackbirds,
Chaffinch,LT Tit,Coal Tit,Robin and Dunnock.They were also joined by a pair of Stock Doves our
first of the year which rounded off an enjoyable afternoon.
Great Tit

Coal Tit

Long Tailed Tits

Nuthatch 1

Nuthatch 2

Stock Dove

Pair of Stock Doves and Grey Squirrel

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