Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Look back at my first years Birding

Sunday 5th February
 I starting birding in February 2011 after seeing Brian's West Yorkshire Birding
blog which inspired my interest in Birds to a more active level. I decided to have
a go and try doing my own blog, and with the help of my dad (someone has to drive)
I began. I found it difficult to start with but through the year improved my ID of birds
and different locations to try out and with a lot of help from my dad improved the editing
of pictures we both take and again with my dads help writing the blogs.
 We joined the RSPB and the local BOG birders from which we get tips particularly on
their walks when we can go. In my first year I have seen 82 species in the local BOG area
and an additional 31 species from trips to Nature Reserves. We have also visited some
great bird collection with exotics from around the world. So for a bit of fun I have listed my
top ten birds below from my first year. In the coming year I hope to continue to improve on
my bird IDs, and see old favorites and add some new ones like Green Woodpecker and
maybe a few more raptors. Hopefully visit some new locations and a few more Nature
Reserves as well as going back to some already visited.
10. Lapwing Always good to see Lapwings here's one from Redcar Tarn Keighley.

9. Avocet The highlight of our first visit to the RSPB Reserve at Blacktoft Sands.

8. Great Crested Grebe Got a good view of this at Yeadon Tarn.

7. Curlew A bit lucky to get this near to Redcar Tarn, Keighley.

6. Dipper I hadn't heard of this bird before seeing it at Bolton Abbey.

5. Grey Wagtail A recent snap at Dowley Gap, Bingley, I like this picture.

4. Cuckoo Taken at Ogden of this increasingly rare bird with its wonderful call.

3. Great Spotted Woodpecker Have been lucky to see this in our garden.

2. Kingfisher Taken at the BOG Reserve in Keighley, a wonderful bird.

1. Red Kite We saw several of these soaring above Harewood House near Leeds.

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  1. You,ve worked wonders in one year Daniel, excellent photos and reports with a wide variety of species and habitats. You should be proud of your first year achievements and your I.D. skills are coming along great.
    Keep up the good work and like me and Nigel K you,ll be hooked for life.
    Well done Daniel and dad Nigel, the Cullingworth team.