Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dowley Gap, Bingley

Saturday 11th February a.m
  We arrived at Dowley Gap mid morning with a cold temperature of -2°C and parts of
the Leeds-Liverpool canal frozen over.The first bird we saw was a Grey Wagtail at the
other side of the canal and on the ice looking for food. There were a large number of
BH Gulls at the sewage works and with them were Lapwings. There were also a large
number of Pied Wagtails feeding in the settling tanks, with a couple more Greys, they were
difficult to see against the slate coloured stones but the bins made it possible.There were
a few Meadow Pipits feeding here as well with the odd Mistle Thrush and Blackbird.
  On the side of the River Aire there were some Mallards but not much else, this was most
likely because the rowing boats were out on the river. We headed back to the canal spotting
more Blackbirds,Mistle Thrushes,Woodpigeon and a couple of Wrens. We also saw a Robin
with a worm nearly as big as itself which made for a good snap. Back further on the canal was
a Moorhen.
c300 - BH Gull
40+ - Pied Wagtail
40 - Lapwing
20 - Mallards
5 - Meadow Pipit
3 - Grey Wagtail
2 - Mistle Thrush
2 - Robin
2 - Wren
1 - Moorhen
plus other species

This will do for Breakfast,Dinner and Tea


A happy Robin


A female Blackbird,maybe first Winter with the ginger chest.

Pied Wagtail


Mallards on the slippery slope

BH Gulls and Lapwings

Grey Wag,Meadow Pipit,Mistle Thrush and Wren



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  1. Some good photos there Danny, keep a lookout for White Wagtails at Dowley in amongst the Pied, bit difficult but check them out in your book.