Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rodley Nature Reserve

Sunday 12th February a.m.
 We paid another visit to Rodley Nature Reserve near Leeds this morning it was
overcast and a temperature of just 2.5°C. Parts of the ponds were frozen but there
were still plenty species on show. There were four Cormorants high on the Pylon and
I saw my first Grey Heron of the year fly in and go into the Reeds,soon followed by a
second. In all we saw a total of 29 species which is a good count for us, this included a
flock of circa 150 Linnets which moved around very quickly making it difficult to ID them.
I managed a couple of snaps, they landed in a tree for a while but as we got closer off
they went again.
c150 - BH Gull
c150 - Linnet
c50 - Tufted Duck
c30 - Gadwall
15 - Reed Bunting
10 - Common Gull
8 - Tree Sparrow
6 - Teal
6 - Mute Swan
4 - Cormorant
2 - Bullfinch
2 Grey Heron
1 - female Goosander
plus other species totalling 29.
We also had an unconfirmed report of large numbers of Geese on the move over Keighley this
male Reed Bunting

female Reed Bunting

Reed Buntings

Greenfinch and Tree Sparrow

Linnet in tree

Linnet on the move again

female Goosander

grey Heron in the Reeds

female Bullfinch



Cormorant on the Pylon

Rodley Nature Reserve

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