Saturday, 11 February 2012

Garden Visitors

Saturday 11th February
 The garden had plenty birds visiting today with the ground frozen and the sub zero
temperatures continuing the feeders are in demand.I also put some apple out to hopefully
attract some Thrushes and indeed we had a visit from a Song Thrush in addition to the
usual Blackbirds. Other visitors were male and female Bullfinch,Greenfinch,Goldfinch,
Chaffinch,Siskin,Great Tit,Blue Tit,LT Tit and Coal Tit.The Siskins were showing bright
yellow breeding plumage which was good to see.

Siskin 1

Siskin 2

Greenfinch 1

Blackbird 1

Greenfinch and Song Thrush

Song Thrush

Chaffinch and Blackbird

Male and Female Bullfinch

Song Thrush Collage

Greenfinch and Siskin


  1. Some good garden birds there, Danny. Wouldn`t mind either Bully or Siskin to visit my feeders.

    ps - would you mind linking my blog, please.

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  3. Deleted last message, forgot how to spell.
    Second attempt...
    Thats an amazing garden there Danny, let me know if your dad puts the house up for sale.

  4. Dean
    I have added you to my blog list, great picture of the Fieldfare, I've
    not seen many this Winter and Brian has seen them on the move already!

    Glad you like our garden visitors, some more today (Sunday)with Collard Dove
    and Woodpigeon.

  5. Danny, thanks for adding the link & your comment regards my Fieldfare. Very much appreciated.