Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Garden Visitors

Tuesday April 16th
 Another reasonable day with sunshine and temperatures again into double figures,the
wind still strong & gusty at times.With the improved weather the Queen Bees will be
feeding up on pollen & looking to start new colonies.First thing in a morning though they
can be motionless on the floor waiting for their wings to dry out.This morning there was
one on our drive so we all took care where we stepped to enable it to go on its way later
in the day.With the decline in the Bee population watch out for Queen Bees on the ground,
we need as many as possible to start colonies, so new Bees can pollinate flowers & crops.
 In the garden over the last week or so we have had regular visits from Bullfinch,Blue,Great &
LT Tits,Blackbirds,Greenfinch,,Jackdaw,Woodpigeon & Robin.With all these birds we
decided to move the bird feeder up the garden nearer the house to hopefully get some better
snaps Dunnock,Siskin & Goldfinch obliged this evening.
 This morning it was good to see the return of two House Martins flying over the same location
in the village as the last couple of years.
Queen Bee

Pair of Bullfinch

LT Tit & Siskin



Goldfinch & Siskin


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