Sunday, 21 April 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Sunday April 21st a.m.
 With the early excitement of seeing our first Waxwings this year fresh in our minds we
set off to Harold Park & Park Dam.On arrival the temperature was 7°C with still some
hazy sunshine,it was good to catch up with our old friend the Black Swan together with
four Mute Swans.The two Great Crested Grebes were still present along with Canadas,
Coots,Mallards,Moorhen & Tufted Ducks.The Swallows were also back here feeding up
after their long journey from Africa,there was also a couple of Grey Squirrels about.
  We moved to Park Dam where there was also two Great Crested Grebes & a couple of
Swallows.Here also were Canadas,Coots,Moorhen,Mallard & Tufted Duck with several
other species seen.
Black Swan

Gt C. Grebe

Grey Squirrel

Gt C. Grebe at Park Dam

Mute Swan

Harold Park

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