Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mystery bird update

Thursday April 11th
 After doing a bit of searching on Google I found a bird called a Northern Bobwhite or
Virginia Quail, which is native to the Eastern USA,Mexico & the Caribbean.After seeing
pictures of the male bird, in my opinion its a dead ringer for the one seen today in our
neighbours garden.They are apparently a domesticated bird but this does not explain fully
how it has ended up in Cullingworth.
Try Google Northern Bobwhite & see if you agree on the species, here are a few more pics.
possible Northern Bobwhite


  1. BIRDGUIDES has a comprehensive species list and does show that this is a Northern Bobwhite. Well done, I gave up after weaving through about 12 species. You could consider submitting it to the BTO but I believe it would be listed as an escape. Previous UK records are Aberdeenshire 16/07/06 and Cambridgeshire 13/08/12.

  2. Thanks Nigel, good to get confirmation for the ID of the bird.
    I think your right about it likely to be listed as an escape,
    so will not chase this up but an interesting bird to see.

  3. Garden centres and farm shops tend to keep this sort of thing and a few farms around Wilsden keep exotic birds but a good unusual bird to see in a garden.