Tuesday, 2 April 2013

St. Ives

Tuesday April 2nd p.m.
 Some sunshine this afternoon so we decided to pay a quick visit to St Ives near Bingley,
the temperature up to a balmy 4.5°C.Fairly quiet here with Canadas,BH Gulls,Mallards,
Coots & Moorhens on the water  & with no food in the bird feeders very little to see at the hide.
We walked round the Coppice Pond seeing a Robin & the highlight of our visit a Treecreeper.
This was just in front of us starting at the bottom of a tree & searching every crevice in the bark
for food,never staying still as it made its way up the tree making it difficult to get a decent snap of.
 Back home the slow thaw of snow continues & a few flowers are emerging with an Iris adding a
bit of spring colour.

searching every crevice for food
Iris adding some spring colour


  1. love the Iris and the second down Creeper shots.

  2. You did well to get Treecreeper, not an easy bird to snap.