Saturday, 13 April 2013


Saturday April 13th a.m.
 An overcast start to the day with NO frost for a change and a temperature of 4.5°C on
our arrival at Leeshaw Reservoir. A good start to the morning with the sound of
Oystercatchers when we got out of the car also Lapwings were calling & displaying.
We walked along the track seeing Canadas & Greylags in a nearby field, just a couple of
Mallards on the water. Carrying on the track there were a few Meadow Pipits & in a distant
field Pheasant were present and a Pied Wagtail flew over.Turning the bend along the track up
the hill Curlew were  seen and higher up another pair of Oystercatchers, with more Lapwings.
With a reasonable haul of birds we began making our way back along the track along side the
reservoir checking the Canadas a red pair of legs appeared, Redshank which flew over the wall
into the next field quickly followed by a second. Then in front of us where the farmers muck is
piled a pair of Grey Wagtails with a couple of Pied Wags & more Meadow Pipits.Then another
bird moved in the grass a bit further away not a Mipit, it was brown on top with a light rump, yes
a female Wheatear, my first of the year and at this location.
 Well what a morning, birding at its best and not finished yet as I was editing a picture of a Lapwing,
on the wall low down is what looks like a Little Owl. Another lesson learnt don't just scan the
tops of walls look on ledges further down too.
 Well as I said things couldn't get any better than this, read my next report as we moved to Fly Flatts
via Paul Clough to see if they did.
15 - BH Gulls
25 - Canadas
6 - Curlew
4 - Greylag
2  - Grey Wagtails
25 - Lapwing
1 - Little Owl
10 - Meadow Pipit
4 - Pheasant
5 - Pied Wags
8 - Oystercatcher
2 - Redshank
1 - Wheatear female
plus others

Grey Wagtail

Grey & Pied Wagtail

Meadow Pipit



female Wheatear

Lapwing & back right Little Owl I think

Leeshaw Canadas

Leeshaw Wheatear

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