Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Leighton Moss Avocets

Tuesday April 23rd a.m.
 With another day off work my dad put it to good use by visiting Leighton Moss on the
West coast.Here is his first report concentrating on the Avocets that he saw.
 On arrival the sun was beginning to break through with a start temperature of 9°C, I first
went to the Allen & Eric Morecambe hides which were built last year & give great views
across the lagoons on the edge of Morecambe Bay.With a total of 42 species seen during
the whole visit I thought it best to split the reports up over the next few days. The Avocet is
always a good bird to see I counted 61 of these and here are some pictures of a few of them.

This Avocet has something in its bill

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