Monday, 1 April 2013

Local Walk

Monday April 1st a.m.
 A cold start with yet another frost but dry & sunny at 1°C as we took the dog for a
walk this morning.As we walked up our road we heard a GSW drumming, it was close
behind us so we turned back to have a look. There it was at the top of a telegraph pole,
but with a tree obscuring the view we needed to get closer for a snap. Yes you guessed it
saw us coming & off it flew but a good bird to see for the start of our walk, seeing the usual
species along the way until we got to Hewenden Viaduct.Here we saw Canadas,Mallards
Cormorants,Grey Herons and as we viewed these another pair of birds flew under the arch
of the viaduct then back to the water, Goosanders a first for us here.We went down nearer to
the water spotting the Goosanders on the dam banking enjoying the sunshine,on the far bank we
also saw an Oystercatcher.We walked under the viaduct and alongside Hewenden beck crossing
the road & taking the path to Hallas Bridge.This section of path was still covered in deep snow
drifts & was very heavy going but we persevered seeing a Great Tit,Pheasant & Robin. I think
this time last year we had Chiffchaff here but like many migrants the cold weather is holding them
back.When we got to Hallas Bridge we were rewarded with a Grey Wagtail & up Hallas Lane we
saw a Stock Dove another first for us in Cullingworth.
P.S. Internet has been down today so post is later than planed.
Goosanders enjoying the sunshine

Grey Heron


record distant snap of Gt C. Grebe

Grey Wagtail

Hewenden Viaduct

Hewenden Reservoir

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