Monday, 15 April 2013


Monday April 15th p.m.
 Another mild day with sunny spell this afternoon with the temperature in the mid teens.
Back to school today for me but my dad had an afternoon to spare & with the weather set
fair guess what he decided to do some birding. Here's his report from Leeshaw Reservoir
which will be followed by one from Leeming where he stopped off on the way home.
 As Danny has said it was a pleasant afternoon but there was a strong blustery wind blowing
at Leeshaw when I arrived.I could see Canadas & Greylags grazing in the top field with a cock
Pheasant & Lapwings in a nearby field, there was also a small bird on the dam wall.Through the
binoculars I could see it was a female Wheatear with a male nearby on the grass.I scanned the
boundary walls carefully & managed to pick out two Little Owls, our lesson learnt from Saturday.
There was a pair of Redshank & several Oystercatchers around which were all quite mobile, I also
got a distant view of a couple of Curlew. A pair of Grey Wags where making some noise near the
Little Owls who showed no concern, a couple of Swallows appeared feeding over the water.
47 - Canada
6 - Greylag
2 - Grey Wagtail
c35 - Lapwing
2 - Little Owl
5 - Oystercatcher
4 - Pheasant
2 - Curlew
2 - Swallow
2 - Wheatear
plus others

Little Owl


female Wheatear on Dam wall

Leeshaw Reservoir


  1. Good report Nigel, failed to find your Little Owls yesterday in the gales and no Wheatear there either.
    Even dipped on Paul Clough Wheatears and Stonechats, will have to try again in better weather.

  2. Thanks Brian I was pleased to see them today,always helpful when its dry,still
    windy though, would have been difficult again on the tops of the moors.