Saturday, 20 April 2013

Paul Clough

Saturday April 20th a.m.
 A frost last night which meant a chilly start to the day but the early hazy sunshine soon
brightened increasing the temperature as the morning wore on.After last weeks success
we returned to Paul Clough where the temperature was 1.5°C, soon after getting out of
the car we saw a group of eight Wheatear near a wall in the distance. Curlew & Mipits
along with a couple of Lapwings were the other birds seen here. We walked along the
road a short distance where there were more Wheatears a bit closer to us giving us chance
to get some snaps. Happy after seeing these we moved to Leeshaw followed by Leeming
female Wheatear

male Wheatear

male Wheatear among the grass

Paul Clough

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