Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Roundhay Park

 Tuesday April 2nd a.m.
 A trip to Roundhay Park near Leeds this morning some early sunshine but clouding
over later with a temperature of 4°C.We started off walking round the Upper Lake
seeing,Tufted Duck,Mallard,Goosander,Mute Swan & BH Gull on the water.There
was loud drumming from a GSW but we didn't see one,there were a couple of Rooks,
Treecreepers & a Stock Dove.
 We then went down to the large Waterloo Lake and walking round we saw several
Great Crested Grebes,Canadas,Common Gulls & a female Goldeneye as well as more
of the previously mentioned birds.This is a large lake and it was quite a long walk round
but good to be out in the fresh air.
Gt C.Grebe

female Goosander

female Goldeneye


Mute Swan

Roundhay Park

Waterloo Lake

Upper Lake

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