Monday, 15 April 2013

Leeming Reservoir

Monday 15th April p.m.
 On arrival at Leeming the sun was out with a temperature of 15°C, the first bird seen was a
Curlew flying overhead, with a Pied Wagtail near the water.I could here a loud call from a
bird but couldn't see it then two birds flew across the water to the opposite bank, they were
Redshanks a first  for us here. As I walked down the side of the reservoir I looked ahead with
the binoculars hoping to see the  drake Goldeneye still present, it was. As I got closer I could
see two Drakes & a female Goldeneye & a pair of Goosanders another first for us at  this site.
Then I heard another noisy bird call, an Oystrecatcher flew across the reservoir and landed
briefly before disappearing into the surrounding fields.Phew! I was glad I had stopped here on my
way home as a few Swallows with a couple of Sand Martins added to the tally.The small amount
of exposed shoreline already attracting waders this site looks promising over the next few weeks.
As I was leaving to round things of nicely a Kestrel hovered near the chimney as I drove past.
2 - Curlew
3 - Goldeneye
2 - Goosander
1 - Kestrel
1 - Oystercatcher
2 - Pied Wagtail
2 - Redshank
2 - Sand Martin
6 - Swallow
plus others

Drake & female Goldeneye


Pied Wag - That water looks cold

Its OK once your in

record shot of Redshank

record shot of two Redshanks

Leeming Goldeneyes & Goosanders

Shoreline at Leeming Reservoir

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  1. Shoreline looks good, lets hope the rains keep off till the level lowers.