Thursday, 11 April 2013

Unusual Garden Visitor

Thursday April 11th
 An unusual visitor to our neighbors garden today, I was unsure weather it was a
Partridge or a Quail. Looking at the snaps I've plumped for Quail but I'm still not
sure,the bird was eating seed & some water was put out for it.Don't know where
its appeared from but seems healthy enough if it can avoid the local Cats etc.
Quail I think ?


  1. Definitely NOT a Quail Danny. These are cracking pictures of a bird I have never seen before. The beak is raptor like, gonna take some sorting out this one.

  2. Some sort of exodic escaped domesticated sp. but a weird one with that bill.

  3. Thanks for the comments, it was the bill that led me away from Partridge towards Quail but now that's ruled out, I'll have to try some more research,
    but clearly not an easy bird to ID.