Wednesday, 29 December 2021

A birding review of 2021

Wednesday 29th December

 A quieter birding year for me not being able to get out as much due to Corvid restrictions and often poor weather conditions over the weekends.  Still I did see some good birds and an undoubted highlight being seeing my first Osprey which was close by on Hewenden Reservoir.  So here is my top ten and looking forward to a better 2022, Happy New Year to all.

10. Kestrel - Doe Park Reservoir.  Always good to see a Kestrel when your out walking, they are usually in silhouette but the light was good on this occasion to get a decent picture.  

Kestrel - 7/9/21

9. Wheatear - Doe Park Reservoir.  I often see Wheatears at distance so was delighted to see this one close by.

Wheatear - 7/9/21

8. Common Sandpiper - Doe Park Reservoir. This Common Sandpiper was in front of a Mallard which was keeping an eye on it making for a good picture.

Common Sandpiper & Mallard - 11/5/21

7. Shoveler - Redcar Tarn. Not a common bird to see locally but this one gave some good views.

Shoveler - 3/4/21
6. Gadwall - Redcar Tarn. Another bird that does not show up much in the Bradford area, so was pleased to see this pair.

Gadwall - 21/3/21
5. Black-necked Grebe - Swillington Ings.  You have to travel out of the local area to have a good chance of seeing these colourful birds.

Black-necked Grebe - 7/5/21

4. Garden Warbler - Harden Moor.  Great to hear these birds singing in the spring and to get a picture of one is a bonus.
Garden Warbler - 5/5/21

3. Spotted Flycatcher - Doe Park Reservoir.  I try and catch up with these bird as they pass through the area in Autumn on this occasion I also got a picture.
Spotted Flycatcher - 7/9/21
2. Barn Owl - Harden Moor.  It was a long time before I saw one of these birds locally but their numbers seem to be growing, lets hope that continues as they are a fantastic bird.
Barn Owl - 5/5/21

1. Osprey - Hewenden Reservoir.  I had seen reports of an Osprey in the local area for a couple of weeks and finally got to see it at my local reservoir. A majestic bird flying round catching fish before it went back to the trees where I manged to get a picture of it perched. This was a red letter day for me, a lifer and the highlight of my birding year.
Osprey - 6/9/21

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Hewenden Reservoir

 Sunday 12th December a.m.

 A cloudy, murky morning with a temperature of 9°C as I walked along to the top end of Hewenden Reservoir where there were a pair of Goldeneye and six Teal.  Others seen were Mallard, Canadas, Cormorant, Bullfinch and Redwing.  Pictures in the gloom at distance are always poor these are the best I could do.


male Goldeneye

female Goldeneye

male Teal


Hewenden Reservoir 12/12/ 2021


Sunday, 21 November 2021

Harold Park & Park Dam

 Sunday 21st November a.m.

  A chilly morning but plenty sunshine with a temperature of 4°C, on the Lake at Harold Park there were eleven Goosanders.  Others were Gt C. Grebe, Cormorant, Tufteds, BH Gull, Common Gull and three Mute Swans.

  Down the road at Park Dam there were five Cormorants and five Gt C. Grebe with just one Little Grebe seen.



Little Grebe

Mute Swans

Tufted Duck

Common Gull

Gt C. Grebe

Gt C. Grebe Juv.


Harold Park 21/11/2021

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Dowley Gap

 Saturday 13th November a.m.

 A lovely sunny morning feeling mild at 10°C as I walked alongside the canal and river Aire at Dowley Gap.  A very enjoyable walk but not many birds around, twelve Pied Wagtails were seen at the water works, others were Jay, Robin, Grey Wagtail, Wren, Mallard and Goosander.  The highlight was seeing a Kingfisher as I walked alongside the canal it perched in a couple of places but soon flew off with disturbance from cyclists, joggers and dog walkers.


Pied Wagtail


Grey Wagtail

Dowley Gap

Autumn colour at Dowley Gap 13/11/2021

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Lister Park

Sunday 7th November a.m.

A cloudy blustery morning at Lister Park where the temperature was 9°C, the Lake held a large number of Gulls mainly BH but a couple of Commons, Herring and LBB were amongst them.  There were c100 Canadas grazing on the grass above the lake and there were 25 Tufteds on the water.  Good to see a couple of Grey Wagtails and a charm of c30 Goldfinch flew over the lake, I later saw a couple of them feeding in the trees, also two Mute Swans on the water.


BH Gull

Common Gull

Herring Gull

LBB Gull

Mute Swans

Grey Wagtail


Lister Park 7/11/2021