Saturday, 30 April 2016

Harden Moor

Saturday 30th April a.m.
A chilly start with some sunshine and a temperature of 3°C on Harden Moor this morning where there were plenty Willow Warbler around several in full song.It wasn't long before we heard the Cuckoo and quickly getting our first sighting of the bird, we later got a good view of it in the sunshine and even managed a snap whilst we were using some trees for cover so it didn't spot us.There were two Little Owls in there usual spot and a large fire lit by the workmen in the quarry near the Sand Martin spot was a little concerning.We found the Redpolls and watched them for a while as they came down to some old seed heads, elsewhere a couple of Robins where having an argument, Curlew flew over.A Grey Heron flew just in front of us and a couple of Linnets made an appearance and the morning was rounded off with a Kestrel hunting in the distance.

Lesser Redpoll

Little Owls

Robins arguing

Willow Warbler

Grey Heron

Redpoll feeding on the seed heads, Harden Moor 30/4/2016

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Slippery Ford to Keighley Moor Reservoir

Thursday 28th April a.m.
A bright start seeing a Golden Plover on my way but clouding over with a temperature of 5°C as I parked up at Slippery Ford.It was good to see FD again who had already been up to the reservoir, we saw a Dipper & Grey Wagtail in the stream.In the lower fields a Hare was seen and there were four Wheatear & good to finally see two Ring Ouzels, I carried on up towards the reservoir.On the way it was also good to see and have a chat to IH who had seen some good birds which I hoped to see later.Its a long uphill walk to the reservoir but it was well worth it when I saw three LRPs and a Common Sandpiper, there was a Reed Bunting briefly on the dam wall.On the water were Mallards,Canadas and Greylags which had some young goslings.I headed back down towards the car park where IH was still about telling me he had been watching a Cuckoo.There was still Wheatears and the Ring Ouzels in the field then a bird appeared which was set upon by a couple of Mistle Thrushes,I didn't know what it was but when IH said Merlin! I was delighted to see one for the first time, my thanks go to him.
Greylags & Goslings

Common Sandpiper


Reed Bunting

Ring Ouzel


Golden Plover on my way to Slippery Ford


Slippery Ford 28/4/2016

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 24th April a.m.
By the time we got to Yeadon Tarn there were some spells of sunshine and the temperature was up a bit to 5°C.The Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers were in full voice and Reed Buntings were singing too.Over the water the Swallows were joined by House Martins,our first of the year and we also got our first Swift.On the water the usual mix, one of the Mute Swans had a yellow tag 150 there were three different Coot nests with birds on.We saw a Kestrel and the bonus of a distant Red Kite over the airport,we also saw two broods of Mallard chicks again the first young ones this year.
Willow Warbler

Reed Bunting

Song Thrush
Mallard chicks

Tufted Ducks

Willow Warbler

Yeadon Tarn 24/4/2016

Harden Moor

Sunday 24th April a.m.
It was a cold morning on Harden Moor with cloudy conditions and a temperature of just 2°C but our spirits were soon brightened up.We parked in our usual spot and went through the gate on to the path,we heard a bird calling, we stopped and listened, yes it was a Cuckoo. We were able to see it in a distant tree and headed towards it but it flew as we approached, we later got closer to it but the light was not good & our snaps were in silhouette.We had a wonder around seeing Willow Warbler,Song Thrush,Sand Martin,Green Woodpecker,Pied Wagtail & Little Owl.As we were leaving we got another view of the Cuckoo getting a better snap.
Recognisable even in Silhouette

Our first sighting in a distant tree

Better snap of the Cuckoo as we were leaving

Pied Wagtail

Little Owls

Cuckoo on Harden Moor 24/4/2016

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Whetstone Gate

Saturday 23rd April a.m.
A chilly morning with a temperature of 4°C as we started a walk on the moorland above Riddlesden at Whetstone Gate but the sun was shinning.We had met up with other BOG members,one of the first birds we saw was a Wheatear on a wall in the distance. We saw good numbers of Red Grouse and Meadow Pipits throughout the walk, Golden Plover were heard calling & we later saw a couple of them as they changed position.Another bird heard calling was the Curlew and several were seen, Greylags were also moving around the moorland.We saw a pair of Stonechats and later a second pair were seen also a couple of Linnets flew past.It was also good to see Snipe and in the distanace a SEO was seen flying as were a couple of Kestrels, one being chased by Lapwings.Lower down Swallows, Pied Wagtail,Goldfinch,Mistle & Song Thrush were all seen.

Red Grouse

Whetstone Gate and Moorland 23/4/2016

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Tuesday 19th April a.m.
A wonderful sunny morning with a starting temperature of 3°C which quickly rose during our walk. As we made our way on to the Great Northern Trail we were greeted by a sound of a Chiffchaff which we located and when it came lower we got a couple of snaps of.This was quickly followed by our first Willow Warbler, a total of nine were seen, we also soon after got a Blackcap.We got our first local Swallows with Jays & GSW seen at either end of the viaduct.Good to see a Buzzard again above us which briefly came down and perched in a tree.On the Reservoir were Goosander,G.C. Grebe,Canadas,Cormorant and a Tufted Duck whilst a Green Woodpecker was heard yaffling several times.As we came towards the farm house three Linnets were seen and a distant Grey Wagtail, there was also another bird on the reservoir banking.This bird was difficult to make out even with the bins,a scope would have been useful, but after watching a while we concluded it was our first Common Sandpiper of the year and a first for us at this location.A great walk with a total of 36 species seen which is not bad for a morning stroll.

Buzzard having a quick rest


Willow Warbler

Good to hear Willow Warblers

This male Blackcap sang a good tune too

GC Grebe




record snap of Common Sandpiper



Difficult to ID this Common Sandpiper at the overflow of Hewenden Reservoir 19/4/2016