Sunday 27 July 2014

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 27th July a.m.
 A cooler start to the day but still plenty sunshine with a temperature of 15°C at Redcar Tarn.
The numbers of BH Gulls is still increasing & around 35 LBB Gulls a record for us at the Tarn,
also a couple of Common Gulls.Mallard numbers are high but only a couple of Tufteds,the Canada
numbers were increased when an additional 20 flew in.Lapwings were in the surrounding fields,a couple were also on the island & some came to the edge of the Tarn for a snap.Pied Wags were seen & a walk
up the road to where there was a muck heap a few Juveniles were seen along with a couple of Linnets &
a couple of Oystercatchers.Also on the island was a Moorhen with a young chick & Coots were seen
too, good numbers of Jackdaws & Rooks some looking like Juveniles in the sunshine.With Swallows,
House MartinsSwifts also present we had an enjoyable visit.
BH Gull

Common Gull

Adult Common Gull

Moorhen with its chick

female Pied Wagtail

Juvenile Rooks


Lapwing,Oystercatcher & LBB Gulls

A busy Redcar Tarn

Saturday 26 July 2014

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 26th July a.m.
On our way home from Leeshaw we called in at Leeming Reservoir where the sun was getting
hot now.There were the usual Jackdaws,Rooks & Crows in the surrounding fields but no
Wagtails in the overflow area. Mipits were around & a Linnet seemed to be staying close to them,
a couple of Grey Herons were looking for fish & a pair of Oystercatchers were making their usual din.
Swallows,House Martins & a couple of Swifts were flying over the water some of them having a
drink from the water.There were 18 Greylags on the water which was unusual for this site, but the
Mallards were here as expected.In the sunshine there were plenty Butterflies around a Large Skipper
& a Meadow Brown resting long enough for a snap.
Carrion Crow



female Mallard

Grey Heron


Large Skipper

Meadow Brown

Leeming Reservoir 26/7/2014

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 26th July a.m.
Another warm & sunny start to the day with an early temperature of 14°C on our arrival at
Leeshaw Reservoir.A few Canadas & Greylags in the surrounding fields with numbers increased
when some Greylags flew on to the water boosting their number to 52.The usual birds around
which included Grey Heron,Lapwing,Mipit,Goldfinch,Lapwing,Oystercatcher & a Little Owl eating
its breakfast.
Grey Heron

Juv Goldfinch

Common Sandpiper

Little Owl



Thursday 24 July 2014

Cullingworth Whitethroats

Thursday 24th July a.m.
Another hot day in the recent dry spell with an early temperature of 16°C rising quickly & in
the mid twenties this afternoon.An early morning walk through Cullingworth where it was good
to see at least six Swifts still above the village, they will be on their way South very soon.Also above the village House Martins, which have nests under the roof overhangs.We even spotted a nest on a newly
built house which unusually had the roof overhang for them to nest.As we walked down to where we
saw Whitethroats earlier in the year there were several Swallows flying around.Reaching our location
we only had a short wait before a family of Whitethroats appeared, good to see the Juvs suggesting
they had bred in this area.Other common birds were also seen on our walk home.
Juv Whitethroat


Whitethroat family

Sunday 20 July 2014

Cullingworth to Hewenden

Sunday 20th July a.m.
 A misty start to the day with the surrounding hills covered in fog limiting the choices for any
birding this morning, the temperature a muggy 16°C.We decided to take the dog for a walk on
to Hewenden Viaduct & the Reservoir area, not much was seen on the way.When we got to
the viaduct there were twenty Swifts which were making their usual screeching noise.On the
reservoir there was a Mute Swan & a pair of Great Crested Grebes no sign of any Juvs though
that we saw earlier in the year.There were a few Canadas at the edge of the reservoir on the grass
as we made our way to Station Road. Here there were thirty Swallows on the overhead wires some
coming down to the road where there was also a Pied Wagtail.
 We headed back across the viaduct where we saw a Grey Wagtail, we then stopped to look at the
overflow from the Reservoir which flows into Hewenden Beck.Through the bins we could see a
Mallard with a couple of Juvs, then a flash of blue as a Kingfisher went past them towards the
Reservoir which was quickly followed by a second.This was a first for us locally & great to see at
last Kingfishers so close to home.We're not sure if they are based around the reservoir or from
Hewenden or Hallas Becks but good to know there in the area.
 We decided to go down to the reservoir to see if there was any sign of them,as we walked down
there was a flock of c50 House Martins feeding near the farm.Nearer the reservoir we saw more Grey Wagtails & a couple of Moorhen but could not see the Kingfishers.On the dam wall was a Grey Heron
& some BH Gulls.Not a morning for taking snaps in the gloom but here are some records of our walk.

Swallows on the wires

Grey Heron & BH Gulls

Mute Swan,Gt C.Grebe,Canadas

Grey Wagtail


Gt C. Grebe


Hewenden Reservoir

Hewenden Viaduct & Reservoir

Saturday 19 July 2014


Saturday 19th July p.m.
 This morning was a total write off with heavy rain which continued until mid afternoon meaning no
birding for me.A bit of brightness around tea time gave chance for a quick visit to Leeshaw where
the temperature was 20°C.A good start here with a Little Owl on top of a Telegraph pole & an
Oystercatcher on the dam wall.Others were Lapwings,Canadas,Greylags & a juvenile Gull on
the embankment.With thunder rumbling in the distance & drops of rain starting it was time to beat
a hasty retreat, lets hope tomorrow brings some better weather.
Little Owl



juvenile Gull

Monday 14 July 2014

Leeshaw & Ogden Scoters

From Sunday 13th July p.m.
 A bit late with this post as a football match caught my attention along with a few other gardening
jobs.After seeing the reports from BS yesterday we zoomed off to Leeshaw where we found the
male adult Common Scoter a first for us at this site.We saw BV who pointed out some Golden
Plovers as they flew across the res & some Snipe on the far shore line.Other birds included Canadas,
Greylags & building numbers of Lapwings. Oystercatchers were also present some flying across the reservoir giving chance of a quick snap.We then decided to go to Ogden to see if the other bird was
still present.We were in luck & found the male Common Scoter in the middle of the reservoir keeping
its head down, a couple of record shots as it briefly looked up then off to watch the football with
another site tick notched up.
male Common Scoter Leeshaw 13/7/14


male Common Scoter Ogden 13/7/14

Kept its head down at Ogden mostly