Sunday 29 May 2016

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 29th May a.m.
Another good morning with sunshine and a temperature of 8°C as we made our way to Hewenden Reservoir.The main birds on the way were c20 House Martins over Cullingworth with Swallows and Swift near the reservoir.The reservoir just held a few Canadas and Mallards but we did see a couple of Grey Wagtails near the farm along with LT Tits,Linnets,Greenfinch,Willow Warbler and more House Martins.
LT Tit




Willow Warbler

House Martin

House Martin Cullingworth/Hewenden 29/5/2016

Saturday 28 May 2016

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 28th May a.m.
A sunny morning with a temperature of 10°C up at Redcar Tarn where a walk round produced the regular species we see here.Good breeding success for Coots,Mallards and Moorhen with plenty chicks to be seen.There were around twenty LBB Gulls with a mixture of different ages and there were also a few BH Gulls.
 We went across the road to look at the pond to find the new cemetery development was moving on at pace so much of this field is now mud and hardcore as it is levelled, the pond nearly all gone.There was a little bit of green further back for an Oystercatcher and several Lapwings to make the most of before it disappears.
LBB Gull 3rd Summer


Canadas and Mute Swan

Coot chick

Coots with chicks

Mallard with chicks

Moorhen with chicks

Mute Swan


Across the road new cemetery development

not much left of the pond

Oystercatcher finds some green left

Sunday 22 May 2016

Harden Moor

Sunday 22nd May a.m.
After yesterdays rain we had a bright sunny start on Harden Moor with a temperature of 11°C, although later in the morning some darker clouds emerged but it stayed dry.The Oystercatcher was still about and the Cuckoo was heard several times, at one point it felt like it was in touching distance, but we didn't see it.Most of the trees and bushes have their leaves on now making it more difficult to find the birds but they are still up singing, we still struggle a bit with some of the bird songs but of course the Cuckoo is always a dead cert.We did spot Garden Warbler,Whitethroat and Willow Warbler as well as the usual Goldfinch and Sand Martins.
Garden Warbler


Willow Warbler


Harden Moor 22/5/2016

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Leeshaw Reservoir

Tuesday 17th May a.m.
 A cloudy start at Leeshaw with the sun breaking through later in the morning, the temperature was 9°C.I parked the car up in my usual spot and as I got out a Cuckoo was calling this continued throughout the visit, I could tell where it was from and just got one distant glimpse of the bird.On the water were a few Canadas and a couple of Mallards, House Martins were having a close look at the tower and Swallows were flying low over the water.Curlews moved around as did Lapwings, some were in the surrounding fields where it was good to see a couple of chicks.Oystercatchers were also moving around and a couple of Redshanks flew past, one landing briefly under the dam wall at the waters edge.There was an appearance from a Grey Wagtail and a couple of Pied Wagtails,the Little Owl was in its usual area although a bit closer than normal.I saw Linnets just above the stream the males red breasts showing well in their breeding plumage, a good morning but back to work tomorrow so birding will have to wait until the weekend with Danny.N.P.
Little Owl


Grey Wagtail


Lapwing chick



Pied Wagtail


Monday 16 May 2016


Monday 16th May a.m.
A chilly morning with a temperature of 6°C but with sunshine I felt it was worth a walk to the NW side of the village.This took me to a good range of habitats starting off with some open land with trees and an under story of brambles, gorse bushes and grass some grazed by sheep.This is ideal for Warblers but only Willows seen today, along with LT Tits and a Grey Heron overhead chased off by a Carrion Crow.With water in the steam at the bottom of this valley and several dead trees it looks very similar habitat to the Wharfedale valley where there are good numbers of Redstarts but sadly none for me here.
 Moving on to open grass for farming and above heather leading up to Harden Moor plus a conifer plantation which remains unexplored.Linnets,Mipits,Wren,Willow Warblers & a Curlew on the farmland where the highlights here.One part of this area has a stream running through and is pretty marsh like with tufts of marsh grass all over, ideal for Snipe I've thought in the past.Today one flushed from near the path giving a good view as it flew off, well pleased to see this bird here.Also here was a hen Pheasant skulking though the field with several chicks in tow with Sand Martins, Swallows and Swift overhead.Sometimes cattle are in this area another spot which would be good for something like Yellow Wagtail, well no harm in dreaming.
 The next area was woodland with a couple of large ponds where I saw GSW,Jay,Mallard,Coot, Moorhen,Canadas with goslings and of course another Willow Warbler. A very enjoyable walk in ideal conditions with a range of species in the different habitats.N.P.

Grey Heron being chased off



LT Tit watching me

Think it has a fly in its bill

hen Pheasant looking after its young

cock Pheasant stand out a bit more

Willow Warbler


Cullingworth 16/5/2016