Sunday, 28 September 2014

Harold Park & Park Dam

From Saturday 27th September a.m.
 We had no time for birding this morning as I was pursuing my other hobby Taekwondo,
my sister & I were attending a seminar in Mansfield.This means I can pick up from yesterday when after our visit to Leeming we went to Harold Park on the other side of Bradford.Here there were a
couple of Great Crested Grebes,Mallards,Tufted Ducks,Canadas,BH Gulls,Moorhen around 50 Coots.
 We then moved down the road to Park Dam with the temperature now up to 14.5°C & some bright
sunshine.Here there were Canadas grazing in a nearby field, 4 Little Grebes were on the water along with 3 GC Grebes.Also Coots,Tufted Ducks,Moorhen & good to see the 2 Adult Mute Swans with still 7 healthy Juveniles.A Grey Wagtail landed on a stone in the distance & a sight first as a couple
of Jays flew over.The Canadas landed on the water making a big splash & soon it was time to go again.
female Tufted Ducks

female TD at Harold Park

BH Gull & Moorhen at Harold Park

Canadas & Tufteds

Grey Wagtail

GC Grebe

Little Grebe

2 Adult & 7 Juv Mute Swans

Canadas splash down

Park Dam 27/9/2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 27th September a.m.
 A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 9.5°C on our arrival at Leeming Reservoir.
Walking towards the reservoir overflow a Pheasant could be seen in the distance & a Grey
Wagtail flew overhead.We walked along the footpath at the side of the reservoir which is at
a low level. There were Mallards all around the water with some in the water & a couple of
Greylags were on the opposite banking. The sun was shining on the mixed vegetation which
usually give a decent chance to see some birds.These included Bullfinch,Goldfinch,Song
Thrush,Willow Warbler,Chaffinch & Collared Dove.A group of 5 Mistle Thrush flew over &
Jays were also moving around & good to see a few Swallows still around.At the top end of the
res a couple of Grey Wags were in the inlet which was fully exposed, they flew away as we
approached.A Kestrel could be seen in a conifer enjoying the early morning sunshine & on the
lookout for a meal a Sparrowhawk was undercover of a nearby tree.A Chiffchaff was also heard singing,a good enjoyable session which was cut short as usual as other things to do, a Grey Heron was on the dam banking as we headed back to the car.


Song Thrush

Grey Heron


Willow Warbler & Song Thrush

Leeming Reservoir 27/9/2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Redcar Tarn

Monday 22nd September p.m.
 An afternoon visit up to Redcar Tarn with some pleasant sunshine & a temperature of 14.5°C.
Good numbers of Mallards & Gulls with Coots,Canadas & Tufted Ducks also on the water.Good
to catch up with the Muscovy family, the three youngster now nearly as big as the adult.Still a
couple of Swallows hanging on, & a charm of Goldfinch landed in a nearby tree but soon moved
on.Lapwings were on the island & just as we were leaving a Kestrel hovered over a nearby field.
c40 - BH Gulls
9 - Canadas
12 - Coot
c25 - Goldfinch
c30 -Jackdaw
1 - Kestrel
10 - Lapwing
18 - LBB Gulls (mainly Juvs)
c100 - Mallards
3 - Muscovy plus 3 Juvs
2 - Pied Wags
2 - Swallow
3 - Tufteds
plus other common species
Muscovy Duck

Muscovy with two Juvs

Muscovy with all 3 Juvs



BH Gull & Lapwings

BH Gulls

LBB Gull

LBB Guu Juv

LBB Gulls

Birds on the edge of the island

Redcar Tarn 22/9/14

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hornsea Mere

Sunday 7th September
 A day out to the East coast of Yorkshire to visit my granddad & so on the way we decided
 to call in at Hornsea Mere. It was a bright morning with a temperature of 14°C on our arrival,
when we parked up there were hundreds of birds.There were c100 Mute Swans, not often you
see so many together along with c250 Canadas not to mention Greylags & Mallards.Coots,
Tufted Ducks & Great Crested Grebes were on the lake.It was also good to see a Black Swan,
but the stars here were the Little Gulls a couple were on the jetty & some were out on the water.
Cormorants flew overhead then with the mallards at the edge of the water there was another
surprise in the form of a Godwit.
Little Gull

Mute Swan

Black Swan


Hornsea Mere