Sunday 25 March 2018

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 25th March a.m.
The clocks went forward an hour this morning so I had a later start up at Redcar Tarn where the sun was out and it was feeling mild with a temperature of  4°C.The water was full of BH Gulls with more in the surrounding fields, with them were Herring,LBB and a Common Gull.There was a good count of fifteen Tufteds and a male Goosander was a pleasant surprise, also 5 Greylags and 10 Canadas. A couple of Pied Wagtails showed up, there were several Rooks, one was collecting nesting material.
Overhead a pair of Oystercatchers flew in to the field over the road where there were Lapwings holding territory and a pair of distant Redshanks were by one of the small pools of water.



Oystercatcher arrives

distant Redshank

Pied Wagtail


Tufted Duck

LBB Gulls

Redcar Tarn 25/3/2018

Saturday 24 March 2018

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 24th March a.m.
 It was good to get out this morning with some dry weather although cloudy skies with a temperature of 4°C.The sound of the birds at Leeshaw is the first thing you notice with Geese calling,Curlew and Oystercatchers joining in, the Lapwings displaying and the return of a pair of Redshanks making their distinctive piping.Plenty to see with a count of nine Oystercatchers, four Cormorant and a couple of LBB Gulls,Moorhen,Grey and Pied Wagtails,Pheasants,Mipits,Starlings and Woodpigeons. Nearby in their usual field were 35 Golden Plover, I also spotted a Reed Bunting and a Snipe.

Redshank and Lapwing




LBB Gulls

Grey Wagtail

Golden Plover

Leeshaw Reservoir 24/3/2018

Sunday 11 March 2018

Lister Park

Sunday 11th March a.m.
 A reasonable start to the day with the sun trying to break through when I reached Lister Park with a temperature of 4°C.I headed for the Lake where there were good numbers of birds including c50
Canadas, 19 Greylags, 32 Tufteds, c50 BH Gulls plus the usual. It's that time of year for the Coots to be squabbling and they didn't let me down with a couple of decent pictures. As I was walking round the Lake I heard a GSW drumming so after completing my lap of the Lake I went in search.I found it a bit higher in the Park also seeing Nuthatch and enjoying the Crocus which are blooming. A Wren was singing which stayed long enough for a picture, also seen Goldcrest, Robin and Collared Dove.




Common Gull


Tufted Duck

Coots Squabbling

Lister Park Crocus

Lister Park 11/3/2018

Thursday 8 March 2018

Hewenden Reservoir

Thursday 8th March p.m.
We had another 4 inch of snow to deal with this morning but by late morning the sun was out and the thaw was well under way with a temperature of 4°C.I decided to make use of some descent weather this afternoon and pay another visit to Hewenden Reservoir where Mistle Thrush,Robin and Blue Tits were the first birds seen.On the Reservoir I counted thirteen Cormorants and on the dam wall were a selection of Gulls including BH,Common and LBB. A walk along the footpath past the farm took me to the top end where I had a better view and counted six Goosander, seven Goldeneye, two Mute Swans, two Tufteds and a Teal. There were also c50 Canadas and I gave these a close search through and I was glad I did finding a Barnacle Goose among them and soon after spotting a second.This put a spring in my step as I trudged back through the melting snow and home.
Barnacle Geese

Canada and Barnacle Goose



Mistle Thrush

LBB Gulls among the BH and Commons


six Goldeneye

seven Goldeneye

Hewenden Reservoir Birds

Hewenden Reservoir 8/3/2018