Sunday, 29 October 2017

Lister Park

Sunday 29th October a.m.
 An hour extra in bed before I made my way over to Lister Park where it was cloudy with a temperature of 9°C.I went straight to the lake where there were good numbers of Canadas,Tufteds, Mallards and BH Gulls.I also soon caught up with a couple of Grey Wagtails and a Nuthatch also on the water were a couple of Common Gulls, Moorhens and Coots.A walk up by the stream gave me a Treecreeper and as I left there were c 75 Feral Pigeons on the ground.
Grey Wagtail



Common Gull

Feral Pigeons

Tufted Duck

Lister Park 29/10/2017

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Dowley Gap

Saturday 21st October a.m.
A pleasant walk on the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Dowley Gap in sunshine and a temperature of 12°C and then into Hirst Wood by the River Aire. There were a few birds to see these included Grey Heron,Mallard,Jay,Grey and Pied Wagtails along with other common species.
Grey Heron

Grey Heron and Mallards


Dowley Gap

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Cullingworth and Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 15th October a.m.
A cloudy start but the sun soon came out with another mild temperature of 12°C it was very pleasant walking.The reservoir held Mallards, Canadas and Tufted Ducks that I could see from the viaduct with BH Gulls on the dam wall and a Common Gull on the buoy in the water.Pied Wagtail and Coal Tit were good additions at Station Road and walking through the wood I was pleased to catch up with a GSW, not seen many this year.The top end of the reservoir had five each of Wigeon and Teal,Grey Heron, Cormorant and a very distant Little Grebe which was a site first for me.Then coming back I got my first Redwing of the Autumn,it quickly disappeared into a tree full of berries where no doubt it had some chums keeping out of the way of a Mistle Thrush protecting its berries.Also here were Chaffinch,Greenfinch and Goldfinch.I saw another two Pied Wagtails by the farm as I made my way home.

Grey Heron


Mistle Thrush guarding the berries



Distant Little Grebe

Pied Wagtail



Hewenden Reservoir 15/10/2017

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 14th October a.m.
A cloudy start to the day but very mild up at Redcar Tarn with a temperature of 16°C as I walked round.The usual birds were present Mallards,Canadas,Tufteds,Muscovys,Pied Wagtail,Coot,BH Gull and LBB Gull.It was good to see a Herring Gull and the highlight was a shy Shoveler at the back of the island not wanting to put its head up for a picture.The Lapwings on the banking in contrast were very obliging letting me get within 5m of them for a picture.




Tufted Ducks

BH Gull

Canadas coming in to land

Herring Gull

Pied Wagtail

Redcar Tarn 14/10/2017