Saturday, 30 April 2011

Yeadon Tarn & Rodley Nature Reserve

Saturday 30th April a.m.
   We went to Yeadon Tarn this morning, this is situated near the airport runway.It was a
dry sunny morning although a bit windy the temperture was 13°C.We walked round the
Tarn counting 70 Mallards, 17 Canadas, 10 Coots and 3 Moorhen, most of which were
around the edge of the water. We also saw 6 Starlings, 4 House Sparrow,a Swallow,a
Thrush, as well as a few big metal birds taking off.
   We then moved on to Rodley Nature Reserve which is run by the RSPB. Here we saw
some of the usual water birds 4 Tufted Ducks, 20 Mallards, 10 Canadas, 3 Coots,
5 Greylag Geese, a Lapwing and a Grey Heron. As we were walking round we heard a
few Warblers, although not showing themselves, on the last Pond we saw 2 Common Terns.

Yeadon Tarn

Big metal bird ready for take off


House Sparrow

Rodley Nature Reserve

Grey Heron

Greylag Geese

Common Tern

Friday, 29 April 2011

Blacktoft Sands Nature Reserve

Friday 29th April
    Today we took a trip out to Blacktoft Sands near Goole,this is a Nature Reserve
run By the RSPB. The main bird we were aiming to see was the Avocet which is
used for the emblem of the RSPB and we were keen to see it in this one of a few East
Coast locations it uses. We counted around 50 of these from the Marsh Hide location,
along with Black Headed Gulls again around 50. We saw many others for the first time
including Pochard, Shoveler,Marsh Harrier and Tree Sparrow,listed below.
Avocet .....................50                              Marsh Harrier ...3
Black Headed Gull ..50                              Mute Swan ........1
Little Grebe ...............4                              Greylag Geese .14
Great Crested Grebe..2                               Gadwall ...........10
Pochard ....................6                                Tufted Duck ......8
Shoveler ...................4                                Shelduck ...........7
Mallard ...................10                                Coot ..................6
Lapwing ...................3                                Swallow ............6
Tree Sparrow ...........6                                 Pied Wagtail .....1
Whitethroat ..............2                                 Chaffinch ..........3
Pheasant ...................4                                 Goldfinch ..........4
Some other common species.

Avocet and a couple of BH Gulls on Island

Avocet & BH Gulls


Little Grebe

Marsh Harrier


Pheasant,Tree Sparrow & Chaffinch

Pied Wagtail



Tree Sparrow


Monday, 25 April 2011

Low Wood Keighley

Monday 25th April mid morning.
     After our earlier trip to the Tarn we went to Low Wood in Keighley this is a
Nature Reserve run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. It was now brightening up
with the sun out and  the temperature up to 14°C as we walked along the cannal
path which is used by many bike riders. We saw afew Mallards on the cannal with
chicks and heard Warblers and Chiffchaff. I also heard another bird singing nearby
I looked high in the tree but could not see it, as I moved down the tree it was just
infront of me, I think it was a Blackcap, sadly it didn't hang around for a snap.
   We moved back accross the cannal and went in to the wood which was full of
Bluebells, a wonderfull sight and a good end to our morning.

Mallard with chicks

Bluebells from the cannal path

Bluebells in the wood

Wonderfull Bluebells

Redcar Tarn Keighley

Monday April 25th early a.m.
    Today we went back to Redcar Tarn high above Keighley,it was a bit chilly
around 9°C and overcast. Again there were 20 Tufted Ducks on the Tarn along with
25 Mallards,one with chicks, 3 Mute Swans, 4 Canadas,6 Coots,2 Moorhen, 8 Black-
Headed Gulls, 2 Lesser Black Backed Gulls, 1 Swallow flew over,1 Goldfinch on the path.
We saw 10 Lapwings in the nearby fields and as we were leaving a Curlew flew over.
It was also nice to see the lambs in the farmers field.
Another good visit with plenty of bird life to see.

Mute Swan Juvenile


Mallards with chicks

Black-Headed Gulls

Corrected to Lesser Black Backed Gulls


Tufted Duck female

Tufted Duck Male


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Countryside Walk

Sunday 24th April a.m.
     We took another walk through the local counryside this morning, the day started
out cool and a bit overcast temperature about 9°C but dry. We noted many of the
regular species we now see, including Crow,Jackdaw,Magpie,Collard Dove,Starling,
Blue Tits and Chaffinch. We saw the Swallowes again in the same place as our walk
last week, we heard the Pheasant calling and caught a quick glimse as it broke cover.
There were a couple of Willow Warbles singing and through the Binoculars we saw
two large winged birds flying high in the sky and circling on the thermals before
dissapearing into the distance, my guess is they were Buzzards,but I could not
positively ID them. Another first as we caught sight of a Whinchat on a rooftop,
which then flew to the top of a nearby tree. A nice walk and enjoyable birding.
     Coming home we noted our Apple Tree is full of blossom and the Pires leaves
are now at their best.

Blue Tit nesting

Crow taking in the view

Willow Warbler

Whinchat on roof

Whinchat in tree

Apple tree with plenty blossom

Pires leaves at their best

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Raw Nook Nature Reserve

Saturday 23rd April a.m.
    After recently joining the BOG we joined a guided walk round their Nature Reserve
at Raw Nook in Bradford. Details of the group can be seen via my BOG link. It was a
sunny mild start to the day as we met up with other members and started our walk.
There were various types of habitat including a couple of ponds which meant we saw
a variety of birds. We also learnt the importance of listening to the birds to help spot
where they are and ID some of them. One that was heard was the White Throated
Warbler, some of the others we saw were,Long,Great and Blue Tits,Rook,Bullfinch,
Sparrowhawk,Little Grebe,Mallard,Moorhen,Coot and Chiffchaff etc.
An enjoyable walk and good to meet some other BOG members.

More from Fairburn Ings

Friday April 22nd
   We had a good day and took plenty photos, here are a few more which
show some of the birds we saw.

Pheasant with others

Black Swan


Gadwall Ducks


Willow Warbler