Monday, 22 October 2012

Old Moor

From Sunday October 21st p.m.
  We went to Old Moor RSPB Nature Reserve after our morning visit to Potteric Carr,
the fog had lifted a bit giving us some better viewing.The first hide we went to a Grey Heron
& a Cormorant, and a fellow birder pointed out a Kingfisher perched on a post.We could just
make it out through the bins,the lady did very well to spot it.The next hide we saw Gadwall,
Wigeon,Teal,Cormorant & Shoveler. The final hide of the day had c1000 Golden Plover,
c500 Lapwing,Redshank and possibly a first for us a Green Sandpiper.This bird was feeding
in the distance and had the usual Sandpiper bobbing up and down.We watched it for a while as
it gradually came closer to the hide giving us chance to get some decent snaps.We were also
treated to the Golden Plover flock lifting a couple of times making a fantastic arial spectacle.
Green Sandpiper





Golden Plover

Golden Plover with a couple of Lapwings take to the sky

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Potteric Carr Nature Reserve

Sunday October 21st a.m.
 A change for us today as we set off to a new location the Potteric Carr Nature Reserve
near Doncaster which is run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.Things started well with a few
more sunrise pictures for my school project then off we went heading South.The sun shone
brightly along the M62 then we headed down the A1 and into the fog!We thought all was
lost on our arrival but we carried on taking one of the trails which brought us to a bridge
across a small stream where we stopped.Things brightened up all of a sudden when a
Kingfisher flew past quickly followed by a second. We stopped briefly at some of the hides
but could see little through the murk, we the came to a hide called Willow Pool Hide which
proved to be a little gem. There were bird tables in front of the hide which were regularly
visited by the birds & a couple of Squirrels, the pool came close too attracting other birds.
so we saw a good selection including Blue Tit,Great Tit,Kingfisher,Mallard,Mute Swan,
Magpie,Chaffinch,Coal Tit,Pheasant,Reed Bunting & Robin.So we had a good morning
rounded off by a nice lunch before heading up the road to Old Moor Nature Reserve.
That will have to be reported on another day.
Grey Squirrel



Great Tit

Reed Bunting

Pheasant hen

Pheasant cock

Mute Swan watched by a Mallard

View from Willow Pool Hide, Potteric Carr NR

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ogden Reservoir

Saturday October 20th a.m.
  I was up early this morning hoping to get a few sunrise pictures for some school
work, the conditions over Cullingworth were favorable so I manged to get a couple.
We headed for Ogden as we came nearer there was fog over Soil Hill and the
conditions for taking snaps were not as good as a they had been over Cullingworth.
Still although dull at Ogden at least it was dry with a temperature of 7°C made
walking very pleasant.Starting at the Promenade we saw a Cormorant in its usual
position on the float and another two were fishing just in front of us.There were c60
Mallards,22 BH Gulls and 9 Common Gulls in this area, we headed past the duck
feeding area seeing a couple of Robins towards the top end of the Reservoir.We
stopped at the small pond where we watched a Dipper for several minutes,our snaps
with the dull light were disappointing though.Further along 25 Jackdaws flew over but
otherwise thing were quiet as we walked round we finished up back at the Promenade,
seeing a Pied Wagtail and a small flock of c20 Woodpigeons in the distance.




Sunrise over Cullingworth


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More from Leighton Moss

From Sunday October 14th
 To complete our review of our visit, here are some snaps of birds which visited
the bird feeders.There were several Chaffinch which posed well for the camera
along with a Coal Tit and Nuthatch, elsewhere it was good to see some Mute Swans
and a Robin.

Coal Tit




Better not leave the female Chaffinch out

Mute Swan

Monday, 15 October 2012

Leighton Moss Ducks & Waders

From Sunday October 14th
 There were plenty Ducks to take snaps of at Leighton Moss as well as a few
waders to share with you.


Wigeon & Shelduck


Little Egret

Black-tailed Godwit

Leighton Moss

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Leighton Moss

Sunday October 14th
 Another frosty start to the day as we set off to Leighton Moss, the temperature getting
as low as -3°C as we passed through the Yorkshire Dales and several areas of fog.On
our arrival the temperature was rising and the sun was out which meant for an enjoyable
days birding. The new hides near Morecambe bay gave us some good views of the birds
although much of the time they were distant meaning fewer snaps.Always good to see the
birds though, we even got to see several deer pass in front of one of the hides which
briefly scattered all the many Ducks.
11 - Black-tailed Godwits
1 - Buzzard
12 - Chaffinch
2 - Coal Tit
2 - Cormorant
c150 - Coot
c50 - Gadwall
1 - Goosander
3 - Greenshank
1 - Gt Crested Grebe
5 - Grey Heron
4 - Jay
25 - Lapwing
6 - Little Egret
c50 - Mallard
1 - Marsh Harrier
3 - Moorhen
10 - Mute Swan
2 - Nuthatch
9 - Pheasant
3 - Redshank
4 - Robin
10 - Shelduck
c30 - Shoveller
6 - Snipe
250+ - Teal
c20 - Wigeon
plus other usual species

hen Pheasant very comfortable on this wall

Stag Deer

Very difficult to see this Snipe even though it was in front of the hide