Monday, 30 April 2012

Redcar Tarn, Keighley

Monday April 30th p.m.
A much better day today after yesterdays washout, it was sunny up at the Tarn with a temperature
of 14°C. The breeding season is under way here with Mallards,Coots and Moorhen with chicks all
though not many each. Still BH Gulls,LBB Gulls and Common Gulls here in good numbers. Other
birds seen included Chaffinch,Lapwing,Pied Wagtail,Canadas,Tufted Duck,Rook and Swallow.
Mallard Chick

Coot feeding its chick

Tufted Duck

BH Gull

LBB Gull 1

LBB Gull 2

LBB Gull 3

Redcar Tarn

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Yeadon Tarn

Saturday April 28th a.m.
There was a strong wind blowing at Yeadon Tarn making it feel even colder than the temperature of
5°C, there were some sunny spells between the cloud.There were ten Mute Swans among the Canadas,
Mallards,Coots and Moorhen. We spotted Swallows feeding low over the water,three Great Crested
Grebe on the water with just two Tufted Duck. In the surrounding area were House Sparrow,Starlings
and a couple of Pied Wagtails, but the best birds of the morning has to be a pair of Common Terns 
which were perched on the wooden barriers out in the water.
Common Tern

Great Crested Grebe

Pied Wagtail

Mute Swan

Yeadon Tarn

Lister Park, Bradford

Saturday April 28th a.m.
It was a bit cloudy with some light rain at Lister Park this morning, the temperature was 6°C. There were
the usual birds on the water with the odd Chaffinch and Pied Wagtail flitting about, in the field area were three Mistle Thrush and some Starlings feeding. There were several Grey Squirrels and a Rat which we
don't see as a rule.
c60 - Canadas
8 - Coot
c40 - Mallard
5 - Moorhen
2 - Chaffinch
1 - Pied Wagtail
3 - Mistle Thrush
15 - Starling
36 - Tufted Duck
plus others
Grey Squirrel


Mistle Thrush


Tufted Duck


Goose having a snooze

Lister Park, Bradford


Sunday, 22 April 2012

St Ives, Bingley

Sunday April 22nd a.m.
 After our visit to Harden Moor we went to the Coppice Pond at St Ives near Bingley where it
was cloudy and 7°C. On the water were the usual species Canadas,Coots,Mallards and Moorhen.
There were a pair of Tufted Ducks which we don't see very often here and also two Greylags that
we have not seen at this location before. We went to the hide which looks out at the bird feeders,
where there were several Grey Squirrels eating all the food. we did have visits from Chaffinch,Robin,
Blue Tits,Coal Tits,Great Tits and Nuthatch. Back on the water we saw our first Mallard chicks of the
year with a pair having nine young chicks,great to see. We then made a hasty retreat to the car as the
heavens opened and heavy rain followed by hail came down.
Grey Squirrel




Great Tits

Mallards with nine chicks

Grey Squirrel

Harden Moor

Sunday April 22nd a.m.
 Heavy showers this morning so we set off after one had passed through the temperature was 6°C.
We saw some good birds on the moor and old quarry areas but all the birds seemed very flighty
and we struggled to get close enough for some good snaps. Still it was good to see Linnets,Robin,
Willow Warbler,Wren,Swallow,Redpoll and Reed Bunting.
  We headed back down the hill towards Harden stopping to take a snap of the surrounding
countryside, the camera gives the impression of places being a bit closer together than they are.
Reed Bunting


Hewenden Viaduct left,edge of Cullingworth right,Denholme top right and Soil Hill in the background.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Harold Park, Bradford

Saturday April 21st a.m.
  This morning we visited Harold Park in Bradford, with cloudy skies and a temperature of 5.5°C.
Here we caught up with the Black Swan which was with a Mute Swan, we also saw Canadas,Coots,
Mallards,Moorhen,Tufted Duck and other common species. One of the Coots had three young chicks,
we also saw a pair of  Great Crested Grebe with three chicks which was great to see with them been
carried on the Grebes back from time to time.
Black Swan

Great Crested Grebe with chick

Local walk to Hallas Bridge

Saturday April 21st a.m.
A cloudy start to the day with the odd sunny spell as we took the dog for a walk through the
village and down to Hallas Bridge, the temperature was 5°C. We saw our first Swallows of the
year in the village along with Chaffinch,Collared Dove,House Sparrow,Goldfinch,Pied Wagtail and
other common species. A couple of Canadas flew over as we went down to Hallas Beck and
when we got to the bridge after waiting a few minuites a pair of Dippers appeared flying upstream.
They soon came back and we got a good view of them and a couple of snaps.



Dipper at the side of fast flowing Hallas Beck