Monday, 27 May 2019

Park Dam

Monday 27th May a.m.
 There was an improvement in the weather at Park Dam but conditions were still poor with a blustery wind and cloud cover and a temperature of 11°C. Not to be out done by neighbouring Harold Park breeding was also evident here with Coot chicks, GC Grebe chicks and a pair of Mute Swans with two Cygnets. Also flying over the water were Sand Martin, House Martin and Swallow, others seen were Tufteds, Little Grebe and Starling.
GC Grebe with chicks

Little Grebe

Mute Swan with Cygnets


Park Dam 27/5/2019

Harold Park

Monday 27th May a.m.
A cloudy morning with regular showers a strong wind and a temperature of 11°C as I arrived at the lake.The breeding season is well under way with Coot, Mallard and GC Grebe chicks present.At least 15 Swift, 15 House Martin and 6 Swallow flying low over the water.Others seen were Tufted Duck, Canada, LBB Gull and Starling.

House Martin & Swift

Coot chicks

GC Grebe chick

GC Grebe with chick

Mallard with chicks

Harold Park 27/5/2019

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Local Reservoir

Saturday 25th May a.m.
After my visit to Leeming I went a short distance to another Local Reservoir which has restricted access for BOG members.Here there were c100 LBB Gulls along with a few BH and Herring Gull.
The highlight of the morning was observing six Dunlin feeding at the edge of the water.There were Common Sandpipers,Redshank,Oystercatcher and Curlew adding to the mix. Greylags and Canadas were on the water with four Tufteds and the surprise of a male Teal.Others seen were Swallow, Swift, Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Meadow Pipit and Red-legged Partridge.

Common Sandpiper


Grey Wagtail

Herring & LBB Gulls

Meadow Pipit carrying food

Pied Wagtail


RL Partridge


Dunlin at Local Reservoir 25/5/2019

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 25th May a.m.
 A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 10°C as I made my way around Leeming Reservoir, where I started off with a couple of Common Sandpipers. These were closely followed by Grey and Pied Wagtails and a total of six Willow Warblers were seen. Other birds seen were House Martin, Swallow, Robin and Wren.
Willow Warbler

Common Sandpiper

Grey Wagtail

Pied Wagtail


Leeming Reservoir 25/5/2019

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Rodley Nature Reserve

Sunday 19th May a.m.
 When I arrived here the temperature had risen a notch to 12°C, on the whole a quiet visit but some good birds were seen.Stating off with c50 Sand Martins making use of the nesting wall which has been built for them, a pair of Great Crested Grebes had four chicks.A Whitethroat was singing but other Warblers weren't for some reason although I did see at least two Reed Warblers flitting between the Reeds.Others here were Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Little Grebe, Gadwall, Grey Heron, Mute Swan, Reed Bunting, Kingfisher, LT Tit, Swallow and Swift.
Reed Bunting


G.C.Grebe with chicks

Grey Heron

Lapwing & Oystercatcher

Little Grebe

LT Tit

Mute Swan

Rodley Nature Reserve 19/5/2019