Sunday, 25 October 2020

Harold Park

 Sunday 25th October a.m.

  A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 7°C at Harold Park where I headed for the large Lake finding two Goosanders straight away.  Later these were joined by three more which flew in, also on the lake the two Mute Swans with their two juveniles and a Great Crested Grebe was preening its feathers and drying its wings.  Others included Grey Wagtail, BH Gull, Herring Gull, LBB Gull, Canadas and Tufteds.

  Down the road at Park Dam there were two Little Grebes and two Gt C. Grebes with the other common species.

Gt Crested Grebe

Park Dam Gt C. Grebes


Herring Gull

LBB Gull

Park Dam Little Grebe

Mute Swans


Harold Park 25/10/2020

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Lister Park

 Saturday 24th October a.m.

  A dull cloudy morning with a temperature of 10°C as I walked round the Lake at Lister Park where there were c100 BH Gulls, c50 Canadas and 24 Tufted Ducks.  A couple of Grey Wagtails made an appearance, others include Greylags, Coot, Moorhen, Common Gull, Feral Pigeon and LT Tits.

LT Tit



BH Gull

Common Gull


Greylag & Canada

Lister Park 24/10/2020

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Dowley Gap

 Saturday 17th October a.m.

 A cloudy morning but feeling Okay with a temperature of 8°C as I walked by the side of the canal at Dowley Gap.  A look down at the waterworks provided c50 BH Gulls and a Herring Gull.  In the filter beds there were ten Pied Wagtails and a Grey Wagtail.  Walking over the Aqueduct LT Tits could be seen in the trees nearby as I then headed through Hirst Wood to the River Aire. Here a Cormorant, three Goosanders and several Mallards could be seen at the side of the River.  Following the path alongside the river I saw a Kingfisher perched in the distance but as I tried to focus the camera a flash of blue was all I got as it departed.  Coming back across the Aqueduct I saw another Kingfisher fly under following the River. Also here a couple of Jays were seen carrying nuts no doubt storing them for the Winter.



Grey Wagtail

Herring & BH Gulls

Cormorant & Goosander

Hirst Wood 17/10/2020


Sunday, 11 October 2020

Hewenden Reservoir

 Sunday 11th October a.m.

 A sunny morning with a start temperature of 6°C as I headed towards Hewenden Viaduct from where I could see c75 BH Gulls and a few LBB Gulls on the Dam Wall.  In a tree looking from Station Road there were four Mistle Thush an five Starlings, walking through the wood a Goldcrest was seen.  At the top end of the reservoir there were two Mute Swans and several Mallards and three Cormorants were on their usual perch.  I saw my first Redwings of the season and walking through the farm a male and female Pied Wagtail showed well to round off a pleasant walk.

Female Pied Wagtail

Male Pied Wagtail


LBB & BH Gulls


Mistle Thrush & Starlings

Mute Swans

Hewenden Viaduct

Hewenden Reservoir 11/10/2020