Saturday, 24 July 2021

Redcar Tarn

 Saturday 24th July a.m.

A Cool morning with cloud cover and a temperature of 15°C up at Redcar Tarn.  A good number of c50 LBB Gulls with around 30 BH Gulls.  Several Lapwings were on the island and a couple of Pied Wagtails were seen along with the usual species.

Pied Wagtail

BH Gull Juvenile

LBB Gull

BH & LBB Gulls


Redcar Tarn 24/07/2021

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Denholme Clough

Sunday 18th July a.m.

  Another warm sunny morning starting off at 21°C and quickly rising as I walked through the Clough towards Doe Park Reservoir.  An enjoyable walk not many birds to be seen though with Blackcap, Bullfinch, Whitethroat and Willow Warbler seen.  Near the reservoir I saw what I think is a Stoat as it had a black tip to its tail whereas Weasels don't.  At the side of the Reservoir there was an Oystercatcher, on my way back I added Swift and a couple of Green Woodpeckers.




Willow Warbler

Denholme Clough 18/7/2021

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Harden Moor

 Saturday 17th July a.m.

A lovely sunny morning with the temperature rising quickly from the 18°C starting point, the area is now overgrown with vegetation making birding hard work.  Still overhead were Swallows, House Martin, Swift and a Sand MartinWhitethroat, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Song Thrush were all up singing, others seen were Mipit, Blackcap and plenty Butterflies.






Sand Martin

Swallow exiting left


Willow Warbler

Song Thrush

Large Skipper



Harden Moor 17/7/2021

Friday, 2 July 2021

Redcar Tarn

Friday 2nd July a.m.

 A grey dull morning but feeling warm with a temperature of 15°C up at the Tarn where there was the usual selection of birds, LBB Gulls were up at c40.   There were two broods of Mallard chicks and Coot chicks were on their nest with the parents close by.  Over the water there were House Martins, Swallows and Swifts, as I walked round there were four birds flying high above which looked different to the usual Mallards.  The flew round a few time eventually coming down on to the water were I was able to ID them as Shovelers.  They stayed for about fifteen minutes before the were off again high into the distance of the grey sky.


Coot with chicks

LBB Gull

Mallard with chicks

Mallard chick


Difficult to ID

Bit Closer


Redcar Tarn with grey sky 2/7/2021