Sunday 30 April 2017

Dowley Gap and Hirst Wood

Sunday 30th April a.m.
A dull start but brightening up through the morning with a start temperature of 9°C, as I got out of the car I heard the rattling of a Mistle Thrush.This when I spotted it was a youngster calling for food the parent obliged with a juicy worm, not a bad start. On the canal there was a pair of Greylags with four Goslings, I made my way to the water treatment works which was full of Hirundines my estimates were c75 Swallows, c25 House Martins and c25 Sand Martins.As I carried on into Hirst Wood a Nuthatch was making a racket,in the woods it was good to see the Bluebells coming in to flower the scent wasn't bad either.Wild Garlic was also in flower with a different scent, on the River Aire there were two Goosanders, several Mallards, one with a brood of ten ducklings.Heading back I caught up with another pair of Greylags with three Goslings and another mallard with six chicks.Further along looking over at a distant pond there was a Moorhen with three chicks rounding the morning off as I headed home.
Greylag Gosling

Greylags with four Goslings

Greylags with three Goslings

Mallard Chick

Mallard with chick

Moorhen Chick

Mistle Thrush youngster

Adult Mistle Thrush searching for food nearby


Bluebells in Hirst Wood

Greylags with Goslings

Mallards on the river Aire at Hirst Wood 30/4/2017

Saturday 29 April 2017

Harold Park and Park Dam

Saturday 29th April a.m.
A Dull morning making photography difficult but feeling mild with only a light breeze and a temperature of 8°C.
Harold Park
A relatively quiet visit with the usual Tufteds,Canadas and Coots on the water with a visit from two Herring Gulls on the water and a pair of Grey Wagtails giving me the run around, so no picture of them. A Mute Swan(Red Y222) was some what easier and a Collared Dove looked well amongst the Cherry blossom.
Collared Dove

Mute Swan

Herring Gull
Park Dam
Down the road a little there were Starlings carrying food with a good number in the field feeding, on the water were Coots,Canadas,Tufteds and three distant Gt Crested Grebes.Over the water were Swallows feeding, I decided to walk round the Lake and found a place to sit and hope the GC Grebes would come closer.Whilst here I spotted a distant Grey Wagtail and after a while my patience bore fruit as the three Grebes came close enough for a few pictures.Then I noticed some movement on the rocks under the dam wall, to my surprise and delight it was a Common Sandpiper, a first for me here.I started to move off with House Martins and Sand Martins joining the Swallows over the water and some moved to a nearby wire for me to plough through the wet grass for some pictures.After a slow start I had an enjoyable and productive morning, with the thrill of seeing the Common Sandpiper fresh in my mind as I drove home.
Common Sandpiper

GC Grebe


Sand Martin

House Martin

Return of the Hirundines

House Martin

Common Sandpiper at Park Dam 29/4/2017

Friday 28 April 2017

Harden Moor

Friday 28th April a.m.
After a dull start it brightened up a bit with a temperature of 5°C, plenty birds up singing including Blackbird,Dunnock,Chaffinch,Robin,Willow Warbler and Wren.A couple of Oystercatchers were moving around as was a Curlew and a Kestrel briefly passed by and a Song Thrush posed for a picture.The Sand Martins were in their usual spot and good to see the Redpolls again, the highlight of the morning was a close view of a Green Woodpecker flying in front of me.
Song Thrush

Willow Warbler




Sunday 23 April 2017

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 23rd April a.m.
 Another bright sunny morning with a temperature of 7°C, the Tarn was quiet with 20 Tufteds the usual Mallards ,Coots and five Mute Swans(Red 201Y,Yellow 225 & 227).There were several Willow Warblers giving me the run around as I tried to get some pictures as well as a couple of Reed Buntings.Also in this area was the constant reeling of a Grasshopper Warbler deep in the undergrowth, where it was not to be seen.Good to see two returning Swallows,two Sand Martins and my first House Martin of the year.Others seen included Linnet,Starling,Mistle Thrush,Goldfinch, Dunnock and Wren.
Reed Bunting


Willow Warbler




Mute Swan


Canadas,Mallards and Mute Swans

Yeadon Tarn 23/4/2017