Saturday, 28 February 2015


Saturday 28th February a.m.
 From Leeshaw we followed on to Leeming Reservoir where there were some brighter spells in between the drizzle with the temperature edging up to 6°C.Here we saw Pied & Grey Wagtail in the overflow area, the water was quiet with just Mallard & a couple of Canadas, other Canadas could be heard above us but not seen till later from the road.BH Gulls were on the tower & walking round a number of common species were seen waiting to be nabbed by a Sparrowhawk in a distant tree, also a couple of Kestrels were seen.
Grey Wagtail


Leeming 28/2/15


Saturday 28th February a.m.
 A damp start to the day with periods of drizzle ,thick fog on the hill tops but fortunately Leeshaw was just below the cloud,still gloomy with a temperature of 5°C.We pulled up by the reservoir gates & in the field below were Canadas & Greylags, then lower down there was some movement,Curlews! We counted a flock of 28, the most we have ever seen together, wonderful to see so many through the gloom.It was difficult to get snaps of them but we did our best, also good to see the Little Owl back in its usual spot. The reservoir was quiet with just BH Gulls ,Mallard & a Cormorant. Oystercatchers were in the surrounding fields along with Lapwings & Pheasant.

more Curlews



Little Owl


Leeshaw 28/2/15

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 22nd February a.m.
 A cloudy morning with a strong blustery wind making it feel colder than the temperature of 1°C up at Redcar Tarn high above Keighley.Here there were still high numbers of BH Gulls,Mallards & Lapwings in the surrounding fields.A couple of Moorhen were present along with other common species.One of the BH Gulls now in breeding plumage was seeing off any bird that came near it & making plenty noise too.

Taking on all comers this noisy BH Gull

Common Gull

Common Gull 1st Winter

LBB Gull

female Tufted Duck

Redcar Tarn 22/2/15

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Harold Park

Saturday 21st February a.m.
 After our earlier trip to Leeshaw we went to Harold Park on the Southern edge of Bradford where it was sunny with a temperature of 3°C.Here it was very busy with birds on the water some we thought had come from Park Dam down the road, in particular the male Gadwall & Canadas.There were also six Goosanders the usual pair of Gt Crested Grebe, two adult Mute Swans plus five Juveniles.A Grey Heron flew in & landed on a tree branch, others included Tufted Duck,BH & Common Gull.
 We paid a quick visit to Park Dam where the most notable birds were Little Grebe,Gt Crested Grebe,Tufted Duck,displaying Moorhen & a pair of Mute Swans.
Grey Heron

male Gadwall

male Goosander

Gt C. Grebe

Mute Swans

Common Gull

male Tufted Duck

Pair of Goosanders

Harold Park 21/2/15


Saturday 21st February a.m.
A sunny but cold start to the day after an overnight frost the temperature was 0°C on our arrival at Leeshaw reservoir near Oxenhope.We saw a flock of Canadas in the top field then it was good to see four Curlew fly past us into a nearby field where we were able to get a couple of snaps.Lapwings & BH Gulls were in good numbers at the edge of the reservoir,also a couple of Greylags & Muscovy Ducks.It was also good to see a pair of Oystercatchers in a distant field with another two fly down to the edge of the water.The usual Pheasants were in the surrounding fields & we also saw three Pied Wagtails, one of them posing for a snap.

Nice to see returning Curlew

Returning Oystercatcher

Muscovy Duck

Lapwings & BH Gulls

Pied Wagtail

Leeshaw 21/2/15