Saturday, 30 June 2018

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 30th June a.m.
The heatwave continues and I arrived at Redcar Tarn in the sunshine with a start temperature of 14°C.
There were 46 LBB Gulls which I think is a record for me here there were also c50 BH Gulls with a couple of juveniles in the mix.A Coot had two young chicks and a Mallard had four chicks in tow there were only two Tufteds seen, above the water were two Swifts and two House Martins.In the surrounding fields a Curlew was seen and their were Rooks and Jackdaws, a Buzzard flew over mobbed by two Rooks.A Chaffinch was singing and was close enough for a picture, not a bad morning as it goes.
Juvenile BH Gull

BH Gull

Buzzard mobbed by Rooks


Coot with chick




Mallard with chicks

Three different ages of LBB Gull

Adult LBB Gull

LBB Gulls

Redcar Tarn 30/6/2018

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Lister Park

Sunday 24th June a.m.
A sunny morning with a temperature of 12°C as i headed to the Lake at Lister Park where I was greeted with the sight of c100 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. With them were a few Herring Gulls one of which had a different look which could have been a sub species.There were c150 Canadas and 20 Greylags making for a full Lake with the usual Tufteds,Mallards,Coots and Moorhens, not to mention c75 Feral Pigeons.
 A walk up to the gardens area provided a number of LT Tits some of which were juveniles, others included Greenfinch,Robin,Wren,Starling and Song Thrush with several Grey Squirrels running around.
Juvenile LT Tit

Juvenile Robin

Song Thrush



Juvenile Coot

Feral Pigeon with colour rings

plenty Grey Squirrels



Tufted Duck

LBB Gulls

Herring Gull

This Gull had a different look,maybe sub-species Herring Gull

Herring & LBB Gulls

LBB, poss Herring Gull? and Canada bringing up the rear

Canada in with the Gulls

Lister Park,Bradford 24/6/2018

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 23rd June a.m.
 After my earlier visit to Leeshaw I moved  to Leeming Reservoir where there was now more cloudy conditions with the temperature remaining at 11°C.I started off by scanning the start of the steam from the overflow of the reservoir and was rewarded with a Dipper.Overhead there were two Kestrels one briefly landing on a fence, it seemed to have its eye on a Grey Wagtail which was carrying food no doubt for its young nearby.The Kestrel moved to a nearby field where it hovered looking for other food.The reservoir level was down exposing some shoreline which a Common Sandpiper was making use of.On the water was a male Tufted Duck with several Mallards, overhead a couple of Curlew flew past and shortly after a couple of Cormorants did the same.There were also several Swallows and I spotted a House Martin with them there were at least six singing Willow Warblers a couple of them were seen as I walked round.

Common Sandpiper


Grey Wagtail

Tufted Duck

Willow Warbler

Leeming Reservoir

Leeming Reservoir 23/6/2018

Leeshaw Reservor

Saturday 23rd June a.m.
 After a busy few weeks it was good to finally get the chance to get out and do some birding with some early morning sunshine and a temperature of 11°C.On approaching the reservoir there were Rooks, Starlings and Lapwings in the farmers field.At the reservoir I saw four Oystercatchers, Canadas and Greylags with some growing goslings.I went to the end of the track and saw several waders at the edge of the shoreline on the opposite side of the reservoir.I spent some time watching them but they were just out of range of the bins for good ID, I took some pics but the camera was stuggling with the distance.As best I could make out there was one LRP and six Dunlin as I was watching them a Snipe flew past close to me.It was also good to see the Little Owl in its usual spot.
Little Owl


Greylag Goslings



Dunlin & LRP

LRP and Dunlin

Leeshaw 23/5/2018