Saturday, 31 August 2013

Harden Moor

Saturday 31st August a.m.
 We also paid a visit to Harden Moor after last weeks sucess, thing were different though,
no sign of Sand Martins,fewer Mipits & warblers took some finding.Near a patch of
Blackberries hidden in the cover of a tree a Whitethroat was pecking away at a ripe berry.
There were also a couple of flighty Blackcaps, we sat on a nearby rock in the sunshine hoping
one of them would show long enough for a snap.After a minute or two a Warbler appeared
& we got some snaps but we could not decide which type,probably Willow that seems to be the
most common.Anyway snaps are below  which we've labelled warbler, we found it much easier to
ID the Peacock butterfly.

Peacock Butterfly

Hewenden Viaduct with Soil Hill in the background which keeps sprouting wind turbines.


Yeadon Tarn

Saturday 31st August a.m.
 It was cloudy when we arrived at Yeadon Tarn with a temperature of 12.5°C, there were
some sunny intervals though. A good number of c125 Mallards were spread out around the
Tarn, BH Gulls,a couple of Common Gulls & a Grey Heron were on the barriers at the
airport end.Both Swallows & House Martins were over head with Coots,Moorhen & Mute
Swans on the water.It was good to see a pair of Moorhens with two young chicks and two
of the Mute Swan treated us to a fly past.As we headed for the car park we stopped to watch
three Willow Warblers flitting about in a stand of trees where the sun was now shinning, a
Chiffchaff also broke into song which was unexpected this late in the year.
Grey Heron

Common Gull

Common Gull Juv


Moorhen chick

Mute Swan & Mallard

Mute Swan fly past

Grey Heron looking for food

Yeadon Tarn

Monday, 26 August 2013

Harden Moor

Monday 26th August a.m.
 A sunny morning with a temperature of 14°C on our arrival at Harden Moor. As we walked
passed the quarry it was good to see c20 Sand Martins still around & the whole area seemed
full of Mipits.We just walked a short distance along the path seeing,Blue Tits,Blackbirds,Robin
& Wrens could be heard. Also there were a few Willow Warblers one giving a good view in a
nearby tree but we couldn't line the camera up on it, another Warbler was in a distant tree but was
more white in colour making us think a possible Chiffchaff.
 We started to head back when a few birds came into a tree in front of us next to the path, as we
got a little closer we could see part of one of them. It was a deep orange belly, the colour running
under its tail,it had a brown back & wings.We're not used to seeing birds like this on our doorstep,
could it be a Redstart? We moved a little closer to get a better view but off it flew, we moved along
thepath  seeing a number of Goldfinch some of them juvs.Then in the distance on the wire fencing sat
our bird this time we could see all of it, we managed to get a snap. Another look at the snap when we
got home confirmed it was a Redstart.
Meadow Pipit

Goldfinch Juv

Branches getting in the way of a good bird

second view shows Redstart


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Denholme Clough

Sunday 25th August a.m.
 We joined fellow BOG members on a walk through Denhomle Clough to Doe Park
Reservoir this morning with cloudy skies & a temperature of 15°C.We were hoping for
passing migrants that use the Clough at this time of year.Conditions though were not good
but still we had a nice walk & saw some good birds on our route.We saw a Grey Wagtail
pass over high above  which was recognised by its call by others, as were passing Mipits.
Swallows & House Martins were feeding around the fields & a couple of Stock Doves
were seen as well as a couple of Roe Deer.We walked along the side of the stream
stopping as a Tit flock passed landing in a nearby tree, a Willow Warbler was spotted with
the Blue,Great & LT Tits.
 As we approached Doe Park Reservoir a Kestrel & Sparrowhawk  were above some trees
in the distance. At the edge of the water there was a Common Sandpiper & a Ringed Plover,
good to see one locally. Also on the water were several Mallards & a Teal a local first for us.
We moved though some fields then climbed up a hill as we came to the top a pair of Ravens
flew passed one of them quite close giving us a good view & we heard its distinctive honking
call.This was the first time we have seen this birds which was a great plus for us.We were
now high above the reservoir and had a good view of the valley, this spot is used for vis mig.
 We headed back towards our starting point seeing a small flock of 9 Mistle Thrushes as we
went back passed the disused railway tunnels.our morning was rounded off well when back
near our starting point a Dipper flew across in front of us.
Denhome Clough

Southern end of Doe Park Reservoir

Doe Park Reservoir, spot for watching Visible Migration


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 24th August a.m.
 After heavy over night rain which continued early morning it looked like no birding for us
this morning.However the rain stopped so we jumped into the car & went off to Leeshaw
hoping something might have dropped in. There was still fog on the tops of the surrounding
hills but we had reasonable visibility with grey sky & a temperature of 14°C.On the approach
road there was a flock of c100 Starlings & 10 Mipits.At the reservoir there were c50 Lapwings
on the dam banking stones & 5 Curlew were bathing on the edge of the water.Also here were 3
Oystercatchers & a Common Sandpiper flew to the edge of the water all of which were noisy.
Swallows were over the water & a flock of c30 Mipits landed briefly on the dam wall.Also good
to see a Little Owl, not a good morning for taking snaps but we did get a few record shots before
the rain returned.
Little Owl

Curlew & Lapwing



Lapwings under the dam wall

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stocksbridge Nature Reserve

Saturday 17th August a.m.
 My dad went to the BOG members only reserve at Stocksbridge this morning, I had a lazy day,
here is his report with a few snaps.
 The morning started fairly bright but soon clouded over with a temperature of 15°C, soon after
arriving at the BOG hide it began to rain, fortunately later in the morning it did brighten up.The
first bird I saw was a Grey Heron, there were plenty other common species around particularly on
the feeders & as I was joined by a fellow member a Kingfisher made a brief appearance on the wire
in front of the hide.
 It was good to have a birder who regularly visits this site as he was used to where some birds are
likely to appear which I would not have spotted.We saw a couple of Whitethroats,Reed Warbler,
Willow Warbler & Song Thrush.A cock Pheasant was trying to woo a hen Pheasant with no luck,
the Grey Heron watched without moving. A stag Deer went across the reserve giving us a good
view of it.A male Kingfisher  landed on the wire in front of the hide long enough for a couple of snaps
before going to a stick in front of the Bulrushes in the distance.It was good to see a couple of Coal Tits
on the feeders as well as some LT Tits which I've not seen for a while.House Martins flew overhead &
some Swallows flew onto the island some of them were juveniles been fed by the adults.A few
Woodpigeons were flying around one posing nicely for a while on top of a tree stump, a Wren also
appeared and together with other species a good variety of birds were seen during the morning.
male Kingfisher


Grey Heron

Coal Tit

Cock & Hen Pheasant

Stag Deer


Long-tailed Tit

Pheasants & Grey Heron

distant Kingfisher

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Redcar Tarn

Wednesday 14th August p.m.
 A quick evening visit to Redcar Tarn with a temperature of 16.5°C with cloudy skies & just
an occasional bit of sunshine.Good numbers of Canadas & Mallards,with some late Mallard
chicks, there were plenty Pied Wags some posing well for some good snaps particularly of the
30 - BH Gulls
52 - Canadas
1 - Chaffinch
11 - Coot
10 - Lapwing
3 - LBB Gull
c70 - Mallards + 3 chicks
8 - Pied Wags including Juvs
9 - Swallows
plus other common species
Pied Wag Juv

Pied Wag

now you see the Crane Fly

now you don't

Mallard chick


Pied Wag Juv posing for a snap