Sunday 30 March 2014

Dowley Gap

Sunday 30th March a.m.
 Another foggy morning with a temperature of 7.5°C,the mood was brightened when
we were greeted by a singing Chiffchaff as we got out of the car.This was the first of four
we heard & a couple we managed to see,the canal was quiet with us only seeing a couple of
Greylags & Mallards.We were struggle for anything to get a snap of until we saw a singing
Wren then a couple of female Goosanders on the River.There was a couple of blue flashes as
a Kingfisher flew past along the River then back again.The highlight of the morning was when
we saw a pair of Grey Wags one which was displaying then one posed in a nearby tree, now happy
it was time to head home.
Grey Wagtail

female Goosander



Grey Wagtail

Saturday 29 March 2014

Harold Park

Saturday 29th March a.m.
 A foggy start to the day only slowly clearing by lunch time to hazy sunshine with a
temperature of 8.5°C at Harold Park.The water was quieter than usual with only one
BH Gull,Coot & Mallard numbers were also down.Always good to see the GC Grebes
here along with the Tufted Ducks,Canadas & a couple of Juvenile Mute Swans.A sure
sign of spring was a singing Chiffchaff which we did locate & got a distant view of,others
were Mistle Thrush,Moorhen & House Sparrow.
Gt C Grebe

Juvenile Mute Swan

male Tufted Duck

Mistle Thrush

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Redcar Tarn

Tuesday 25th March
 A poor day today with mist & rain, so its good my dad made the most of yesterdays conditions
to do plenty birding, here's his final report from an afternoon visit to Redcar Tarn.
 Still plenty Gulls at the Tarn mainly Black-headed but also Common & Lesser Black-backed
were also present.The usual suspects were also here Canadas,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen & Tufted
Ducks.Some Lapwings were displaying in nearby fields & it was good to see the return of two
Oystercatchers on the island.Walking round the tarn I saw six Pied Wags so I had a sit down on
one of the benches hoping they would come closer.Fortunately a couple of them did giving the chance of some good pictures, they were quite mobile though but later I got another picture of
one posing on top of a wall.Still a few Greylags here & some other common species rounding
off a busy days birding.
Pied Wagtail

Common Gull



LBB & BH Gulls with Oystercatchers

Pied Wagtail, keeping a watchful eye on things

Redcar Tarn 24/3/2014

Monday 24 March 2014

Trough Lane

Monday 24th March a.m.
 After my earlier walk I decided to go to Trough Lane which is a hot spot for migrants
passing through.This is only a short drive from Cullingworth and with the sun still out
I thought there was a chance of seeing something.After parking the car I walked along
the road, I had gone some distance before I got my first male Wheatear which was
quickly followed by a second.The count stopped there though & I turned back when I got
to the bend in the road.On the way back I got a bonus by seeing four Red-legged Partridges,
a good annual tick.Other birds seen were Mipits & Pied Wags.N.P.
male Wheatear

Red-legged Partridge

Local Walk

Monday 24th March a.m.
 A cold frosty start with temperatures below zero but brightening to a sunny morning with
clear blue skies & rising temperature.Back to school for me but my dad had a days holiday so
he made the most of the weather for a days birding. Here's the first of his reports...
 I took the dog for a walk on the Northern Trail over Hewenden Viaduct seeing Four Gt C Grebes
on the reservoir below.These disappeared as a fisherman moved along side the reservoir into his spot. At the other side found a pair of Treecreepers, always hard to get a picture of these as they keep moving but managed a few today.It was good to see some early blossom on some trees & a Dunnock was singing making for a good picture.A Chiffchaff was also singing in this area briefly but I
couldn't locate it.
 Moving near the reservoir there was a pair of Goosanders sunbathing on the banking at the edge
of the water & four Cormorants were on the water with a Mute Swan & several Canadas.Also here I first heard & then saw a Curlew fly over which was repeated on my way back.Into the wood where
I saw a couple of GSWs, at the other side there were plenty Jackdaws about & also another
Chiffchaff singing.I managed to locate it this time but it wouldn't keep still long enough for a good picture but I did get a record shot among the "PussyWillow". The Cormorants were now perched in the trees at the top end of the reservoir, some distance away but I got a record shot of one of them.
 We, me & the dog that is,retraced our steps & went under the viaduct where some Jackdaws were making a fuss.They were upset by a male Kestrel perched high on the side of the Viaduct on what
looked like a large bolt.They pestered it & off it flew.
 Very quiet on our way through the wood to Hallas Bridge only Chaffinch,Wren & a Grey Heron flyover was seen.No Dipper today but can't complain many birds seen during a great walk, home for a short rest then off to find some different birds.

male Kestrel perched high on the Viaduct





Cormorant moved to a perch in the trees

male Goosander

female Goosander

Goosanders on reservoir banking

Hewenden Reservoir & Viaduct

Sunday 23 March 2014

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 23rd March a.m.
 Another sunny start with a temperature of 6°C on our arrival at Yeadon Tarn this
morning.We were greeted with a singing Chiffchaff as we got out of the car, our first
of the year.The water held Canadas,Mute Swans,Greylag,Tufted duck,Mallards,Coots,
Moorhen & Great Crested Grebe.We saw a female Duck that we thought was a Gadwall
but it had a red eye so we put it down as a hybrid.A Reed Bunting posed in a nearby tree,
then we saw a bigger bird appear, a Red Kite, we fumbled with the cameras but could only
get a poor record shot as it moved away in the distance.
Mute Swan



Red Kite

Reed Bunting

Hybrid Duck

Helicopter from the airport

Yeadon Tarn