Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blacktoft Sands

Sunday September 30th a.m.
 I was very tempted to go to Ogden this morning but with poor weather forecast we
decided to go East to Blacktoft Sands where better weather was forecast.Sure enough
as we left the Pennines behind we went into dry but cloudy weather with a temperature
of 14°C on our arrival.Things started well in our first hide with a Little Egret & Grey Heron
near to us.On one of the distant islands we spotted three Snipe among the stones.It was
also good to get a close view of a Greenshank and the chance to take a couple of reasonable
snaps.At the next hide we had distant views of 61 Lapwings and in front of them several
Pied Wagtails were flitting around.Among these we also got our first sightings of a couple of
Yellow Wagtails we watched these for a while also seeing c30 Goldfinch before moving to
another hide.Next we saw a Cormorant,good numbers of Teal and Shoveler as well as a
couple of Little Grebe. Overhead we saw a couple of skiens of Geese, probably Pink footed
but we couldn't be sure, the warden told us there had been a 1,000 or so over the reserve.
Other birds seen were a Kestrel,Tree Sparrow,Pheasant,Swallow,Moorhen and Mallard.

Tree Sparrow

Little Egret & Grey Heron


Grey Heron

Saturday, 29 September 2012

St.Ives near Bingley

Saturday September 29th a.m.
 On arrival at St.Ives the temperature was up to 9.5°C,the sun was out and there was
less wind here. Things started well with us seeing six Goosander on the Coppice Pond, and
as we walked round a Grey Heron on the island.There were fifteen Canadas feeding in the
field behind the Archery range, on the water were Mallards,Coots & Moorhen.After walking
round  the pond we went to the hide where it was quiet for  a while but our patience paid off
and the birds came to the feeders.There were Coal,Blue & Great Tits,Nuthatch,Chaffinch,
Robin and a pair of GSWs. We also had a Treecreeper on the tree behind the feeders and an
enjoyable mornings birding.For something more exotic checkout the Birdbrain link,well done
to Denise for spotting and getting a snap of a Yellow-browned Warbler at Ogden,the BTO
report the recent storms have blown a 100 or so of these in from Russia.
Great Spotted Woodpecker




Grey Heron



Coal tits

Goosanders,Coppice Pond St. Ives. 

Redcar Tarn

Saturday September 29th a.m.
 On our arrival at Redcar Tarn the sun was shining with a strong blustery wind blowing
and a temperature of 8°C.We walked round the Tarn seeing the usual Mallards,Coots,
Moorhen,Canadas,Tufted Duck,Bh Gulls and a couple of Common Gulls.We saw 11
Lapwing fly in circle the Tarn and then land on the island.There were also a few Pied
Wagtails about and a group of Corvids containing Rooks,Carrion Crow and Jackdaws.
The rain began to fall which was our Que to leave and we headed off to St Ives near
Bingley,report to follow.
Pied Wagtail


Lapwings & Mallards

Redcar Tarn

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lister Park

Sunday September 23rd a.m.
 A chilly cloudy start to the day with a temperature of 4°C, but with hazy sunshine
breaking through on our arrival at Lister Park.The usual waterfowl were on the lake
with increasing numbers of BH Gulls, elsewhere fairly quiet but good to see a 
104 - BH Gulls
12 - Canadas
13 - Coot
54 - Feral Pigeon
10 - LT Tit
104 - Mallard
8 - Moorhen
5 - Robin
31 - Tufted Duck
1 - Treecreeper
5 - Wren
plus other usual species
Tufted Duck



BH Gulls

Still some Autumn colour

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday September 22nd a.m.
  It was a cold start to the day with the first frost of the Autumn and a temperature of
just 1°C when we set off for Leeming Reservoir near Oxenhope. We stopped off along
the way to look at the scenery & noticed something on the wall,after staring for a short
time we realized it was a bird.Our first impression was that it was a young Partridge but
after looking at the snaps decided on a female Pheasant. The sun was getting brighter on
our arrival at Leeming,and things started well with us spotting a Grey Wagtail in the
overflow from the reservoir, then to our surprise we spotted a Dipper lower down the
  We walked alongside the reservoir and seeing the habitat which had Blackberries,Billberries,
Hawthorn berries and Rose hips there were plenty birds feeding in the sunshine.Thrushes,Finches,
Wrens trilling,Robins twittering Blackbirds piping up and even a Chiffchaff joining in the chorus.
Needless to say we spent sometime watching and listening to this spectacle which does't happen
often enough on our outings.With a Kestrel flying along the top of the bank we were looking at
and a Cormorant over the reservoir we had an excellent morning.One bird confused us that was
feeding with the Mistle Thrushes and was the same size but had different markings and was much
2 - BH Gull
1 - Blackcap
2 - Bullfinch
2 - Chaffinch
1 - Chiffchaff
1 - Cormorant
1 - Dipper
3 - Grey Wagtail
1 - Jay
1 - Kestrel
13 - Mallard
6 - Meadow Pipit
5 - Mistle Thrush
1 - Pheasant (Hen)
2 - Robin
2 - Siskin
4 - Swallow
3 - Willow Warbler
5 - Wren
plus other usual species
Pheasant (hen)


Grey Wagtail


Mistle Thrushes

Mistle Thrush with darker bird

Darker bird,maybe a young Mistle Thrush

Good habitat for the birds with plenty berries

Leeming Reservoir

Looking back across the reservoir towards Oxenhope


Friday, 21 September 2012

Bronte Bridge & Waterfall

Friday September 21st p.m.
  My Mum & Dad took the dog for a walk to Bronte Bridge & the Waterfall near
Haworth this afternoon and took some snaps for my blog along the way.They tell
me it was a cool afternoon with a temperature of 9°C and some light rain.The walk
started well with them seeing a Buzzard flying down the valley towards Lower Laith
Reservoir it was being mobbed by crows. It was some distance away so my dad only
got a poor record shot, I'll have to give him some tips.Other birds seen were Pheasants,
Meadow Pipits & on the reservoir Mallards & BH Gulls.
  He did manage a couple of reasonable scenic shots of the Bronte Bridge,Waterfall &
Lower Laith Reservoir.
male Pheasant

female & male Pheasant


Bronte Brigde

Looking downstream from Bronte Bridge

Not much water in the Waterfall

Lower Laith Reservoir,Stanbury

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cullingworth Gulls

Wednesday September 19th p.m.
  Th Gull numbers in the fields around Cullingworth continue to grow with large numbers
of LBB Gulls seen regularly in the field alongside of Keighley Road.They seem to gather
on sunny afternoons with their numbers swelled by BH Gulls. We tried to get a closer view
of them late this afternoon but as we approached they lifted leaving a dozen Mallards.We
walked on the footpath through to the field where they had moved to but again they
moved on.Difficult to see exactly what was in the flock  other than those mentioned and
numbers are my best estimate.
c150 - BH Gull
c50 - LBB Gull
12 - Mallard
LBB Gulls

LBB Gulls


Gull flock 

Mainly LBB Gulls