Saturday 30 November 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday 30th November a.m.
   It was dry & bright on our arrival at Harold Park with a temperature of 5°C,we made
our way to the lake where good numbers of birds were present.Most notable of these
were Wigeon,Little Grebe,Great Crested Grebe & Mute Swan.
   We spent some time here getting a few snaps before moving down the road to Park Dam,
here were fewer birds but good to see two male Goosanders they've been missing for some
time now.
Harold Park                                               
c100 - BH Gulls
1 - Common Gull
c60 - Coot
3 - Gt C. Grebe
1 - Little Grebe
c100 - Mallard
9 - Moorhen
4 - Mute Swan
10 - Tufted Duck
5 - Wigeon
plus others
Park Dam
24 - BH Gulls
58 - Canadas - grazing in the field
3 - Common Gull
5 - Coot
2 - Goosander m.
1 - Gt C. Grebe
4 - Mallard
3 - Moorhen
8 - Tufted Duck
plus others
Gt C. Grebe

Little Grebe


Gull with 3 Wigeon

Common Gull


male Goosander at Park Dam

Gt C. Grebe

Harold Park

Wednesday 27 November 2013

More from Redcar Tarn

from Saturday 23rd November
 We had a great mornings birding up at Redcar tarn on Saturday, seeing Golden Plover for
the first time locally for a couple of years. The weather was kind to us so we were able to
get plenty of snaps of them & many other birds too including Lapwing,Mute Swans,Reed
Bunting & Pied Wagtail here are a few of them.
Golden Plover

Reed Bunting

Pied Wagtail

Golden Plover & Lapwing


Goldies moving position

Redcar Tarn 23/11/2013

Sunday 24 November 2013

Lister Park

Sunday 24th November a.m.
A visit to Lister Park this morning with dull sky & a temperature of 5°C on our arrival.
There were good numbers of the usual birds including BH Gull,Canadas Mallards &
Tufted Ducks but the highlight was two female Goosanders on the water.We just had
a quick walk round the lake as it began to drizzle, we noticed a new sign telling people
to stop feeding the birds.The reason was to stop the attraction of Rats, the penalty for
littering was £75 but this did not stop some people we saw who continued to feed the
c250 - BH Gull
90 - Canadas
5 - Common Gull
15 - Coot
c75 - Feral pigeon
2 - Goosander
c100 - Mallard
6 - moorhen
23 - Tufted Duck

female Goosanders & Common Gull

Common Gull

Common & BH Gulls

male Tufted Duck

female Tufted Ducks

Lister Park 1

Lister Park 2

Saturday 23 November 2013

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 23rd November a.m.
 On our way up to Redcar Tarn on our way out of the village we saw a male Kestrel on top
of a telegraph pole so we stopped briefly & got a snap.When we reached Redcar Tarn as
mentioned earlier we were delighted to see the flock of Golden Plover but there were plenty
other birds waiting for us to take a snap of them.These included BH,Common & LBB Gulls,
Mallards,Jackdaws,Chaffinch,Mute Swan,Lapwings,Pied Wagtails & Canadas.Although a
cold morning the sun helped us get some decent snaps & we had an enjoyable mornings birding.
c150 - BH Gulls
7 - Canadas
5 - Chaffinch
8 - Common Gull
15 - Coot
c75 Golden Plover
10 - Jackdaw
c200 - Lapwing
2 - LBB Gull
c100 - Mallard
2 - Moorhen
6 - Muscovy duck
2 - Mute swan
1 - Pheasant
5 - Pied Wag
c150 - Starling
4 - Tufted Duck
plus others
BH Gull

Common Gull

LBB Gull


Kestrel on our way out of Cullingworth


Pied Wagtail



Golden Plover & Lapwing

Redcar Tarn

Golden Delight

Saturday 23rd November a.m.
A cold morning with a widespread ground frost & a temperature of -1°C on our arrival at
Redcar Tarn but it was bright & sunny.We checked out all the usual birds on the Tarn which
we will report on later because we struck Gold as there were Golden Plover mixed with the
Lapwing & Starling flocks.
 Firstly we saw only a few but as the flighty birds took to the air we could see there were around
75 of them.They kept moving around the fields surrounding the Tarn which meant we had to do
a lot of walking to keep up with them.But it was well worth the effort as we haven't seen them
locally for a couple of years.They were usually at the far side of the fields but my dads camera was
able to get some decent snaps of them(been a good buy & proved its worth today).
Golden Plover

Golden Plover & Lapwings

Golden Plover in the air as they kept moving around

Golden Plover with Lapwings

Get ready here they come again