Saturday, 19 June 2021

Harden Moor and St Ives

Saturday 19th June a.m.

  A bright sunny start to the morning with a temperature of 11°C on Harden Moor where it was good to hear and see a Garden Warbler singing.  Whitethroats were busy collecting food for their young as were Willow Warblers.  Others seen were Goldfinch, Skylark, Dunnock and Song Thrush.

 A short drive to the other side of the Moor and the Coppice Pond at St Ives were conditions were as described earlier  with a dozen Tufteds on the water.  A pair of Mute Swans had seven cygnets, others here were Moorhen and Coal Tit.

Garden Warbler






Mute Swan with two cygnets

Mute Swan with cygnets at St Ives 19/6/2021


Saturday, 12 June 2021

Redcar Tarn

 Saturday 12th June a.m.

 A cloudy morning up at the Tarn with a temperature of 15°C where there were c50 LBB Gulls, several BH Gulls and Canadas with goslings, 2 Greylags.  Others were Oystercatcher, Skylark, Pied Wagtail, Swallow, House Martin and Swift.  A Coot was on its nest with some young chicks.

LBB Gull


Pied Wagtail

Coot with chicks


LBB & BH Gulls

Canadas with goslings at Redcar Tarn 12/6/2021

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Lister Park

 Sunday 6th June a.m.

 A cloudy morning but warm with a temperature of  15°C, there were plenty birds at Lister Park lake with c75 Canadas and c40 Greylags.  There were also 10 LBB Gulls and 5 Herring Gulls, good to see a pair of Moorhen with six young chicks.  Others included Tufteds, Coots, Song Thrush and Mute Swans.



LBB Gull

Greylags & LBB Gulls

Moorhen chicks

Moorhen with chicks

Song Thrush

Lister Park 6/6/2021

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Harden Moor

Saturday 5th June a.m.

  A lovely sunny morning with a temperature of 12°C, hard work spotting the birds now the trees have their full leaf canopy, a Blackcap gave me the run around before I briefly spotted it.  Song Thrushes were noisy and more easily seen from their tree top perches, plenty young in nests needing feeding so Whitethroats were less visible.  A Redpoll with its bright red chest did stand out and waited for a picture taking, others included Oystercatcher, Kestrel, Red-legged Partridge, Cuckoo, Mipits, House Martin, Swallow, Curlew, Dunnock, Mistle Thrush, Skylark, Jay, Willow Warbler and Pied Wagtail.


Willow Warbler


Mistle Thrush


Peacock Butterfly

Pied Wagtail

Red-legged Partridge