Monday 27 August 2012

Local Walk & Redcar Tarn

Monday August 27th a.m.
 This morning started cloudy with some sunny spells with a temperature of 11°C as we took
the dog for a walk through the village. There were Starlings,Collared Doves and Jackdaws
on the roof tops and we spotted a GSW which landed in a tree in front of us.Other usual
species were around, the Swallows and House Martins continue to flock together with
c125 being on the over head wires near Hallas Lane.Only a couple of weeks left now before
they leave us for the warmer temperatures of Africa.
  We had a quick look round  the surrounding fields of Cullingworth before going up to Redcar
Tarn looking for the growing Gull flocks which we usually have here over winter. We found them
in a field heading out of the village, we estimated c200 BH Gulls with a couple of LBB Gulls, they
were quite flighty  when approached so just  a couple of distant snaps of part of the flock.
  Up at Redcar Tarn there were 12 Canadas feeding in the field opposite the Tarn,c 100 Mallards
on the water with Coots,Moorhen,BH Gull and Tufted Ducks.We counted 10 Lapwing on the
island,others included Rook,Swallow and Pied Wagtail. 
Canadas opposite Redcar Tarn

part of the BH Gull flock

more BH Gulls

some of the Swallows and House Martins gathering in increasing numbers


Sunday 26 August 2012

Leighton Moss Nature Reserve

Sunday August 26th a.m.
  It was an overcast but dry start to the day with a temperature of 13°C as we made our
way through the Yorkshire Dales and to the West coast.We arrived at the hides on the
edge of Morecambe Bay in good time and were immediately rewarded with some good
birds to see.There were several Little Egrets, and good numbers of Lapwings and
Redshank along with the odd Greenshank.The hides are in the process of being replaced
so we could only use Allen Hide with the Eric Morecambe new hide not ready for use yet.
  We then moved to the main Leighton Moss reserve, we started off  in Lilian's hide where
we saw c100 Coots and other usual species but the highlight here was when we saw a
Marsh Harrier.
   We moved around the various hides with the other highlights coming from the Public Hide,
from here we saw our first Great Black-backed Gull which was stood on an island in the
lake.Then a Hobby was pointed out to us in a distant tree, another first, rounding off a good
morning.We headed back to the car to eat our packed lunch just reaching it before the rain
came.This meant we had to head home, as we drove through the Dales the rain was torrential,
I don't remember that being forecast, still whats new there!
Little Egret

Great Black-backed Gull



two of several Pheasant Juvs

Lapwing,Little Egret and Redshank

Leighton Moss Nature Reserve

Sunday 19 August 2012

Lister Park

Sunday Aug 19th a.m.
 The morning started off overcast but the sun soon broke through making it a
pleasant morning at Lister Park with a start temperature of 15°C.There were
Canadas on the lake when we arrived which began to move out onto the grass
where others were already eating in front of Cartwright Hall.There were several
BH Gulls with others swelling the numbers from nearby roof tops as the morning
wore on, we also saw a LBB Gull flying around the lake.There were the usual
Mallards,Coots,Moorhen and Tufted Ducks, a pair of Coots had three young chicks.
Also a Grey Heron was on the boats moored by one of the islands hunting for fish, we
watched it for a while, it did not seem to be bothered by our presence and eventually
it caught a large fish.Also round the lake we saw a Grey Wagtail,Feral Pigeons,Robin
and a Dunnock.
  We followed the steam higher up the Park seeing Chaffinch,Blackbird and a Nuthatch
briefly on the ground,probably enjoying the Beech Nuts which were ripe on the ground.
There were also plenty Grey Squirrels also enjoying these high in the trees, another
enjoyable morning at Lister Park with a good selection of birds.
Grey Heron

Grey Heron with its breakfast

One of many Grey Squirrels

Grey Wagtail

Hybrid Goose with Canada in the background

male Tufted Duck

Lister Park gardens

Lister Park Lake

Saturday 11 August 2012

Redcar Tarn

Saturday August 11th a.m.
 An overcast morning with a strong breeze and a temperature of 13°C when we arrived
at Redcar Tarn this morning.There were Lapwings and Starlings feeding in the field opposite
the Tarn with BH Gulls,Coots,Mallards,LBB Gull,Moorhen and Tufted Duck on the water.
On the island we could see more Lapwings,BH Gulls,Moorhen and Mallards, there were
some Canadas in the next field along with some Pied Wagtails.We walked down the road to
look at the pond in the field and saw two Snipe a couple of times as they flew out of the
grass to change their location,good to see these birds again.
 On our way home we decided to stop at Damens and have a look on the River Worth,we saw
a few Mallards,a Grey Heron overhead and also the bird we came to see a Dipper.

Dipper at Damens

Friday 10 August 2012

Gibraltar Point,Lincolnshire

From Thursday August 9th
 Whilst on holiday this week at Skegness we decided to go to the nearby Gibraltar Point
Nature Reserve.It was a good start to the day with sunshine and a temperature of 17°C,
there were a variety of birds to be seen from the various hides.These included Avocet,
Black-tailed Godwits,Cormorant,Greenshank,Lapwing,Little Egret,Pheasant,Ruff,
Spoonbill,Starling and Terns.They were some distance away which made ID difficult for
which type of Tern,we had some help from other birders with the ID for the Greenshank.
  There were also viewing platforms which looked out over the Wash where we could see
a large number of Gulls in the distance along with other birds on the sand and mudflatts
which we could not ID.Making our way back to the visitor center we saw a Kestrel which
was hovering looking for food.


Little Egret



Black-tailed Godwit


Lapwing & Starling

Sunday 5 August 2012

Harden Moor and St. Ives

Sunday August 5th a.m.
  The day was brightening and the sun appeared as we arrived at the opposite side of Harden
 Moor from yesterday.From the car park on Keighley road we took a path taking us on the top
edge of Deep Cliff Wood hear we caught a fleeting glimpse of a GSW before the path took us
to the edge of the moor.As we walked up here a bird was on the large stone which formed
part of the path,using the bins I couldn't believe it another Green Woodpecker,  my second in
two days.Needless to say it flew away, we followed catching sight of it fly into a tree,then as a
dog and its owner headed towards the tree along the path it flew off again joined by another
Green Woodpecker. We didn't see them again and the area was quiet so we headed back to the
car and down to St Ives.
 On the Coppice Pond there were 30 Canadas,along with Mallards,Coots and Moorhen, from
the hide we saw Coal tit,Great Tit,Nuthatch,Robin and of course a couple of Grey Squirrels.
 We called back to the other side of Harden Moor on our way home seeing a Kestrel and a
couple of Swallows, with plenty Butterflies enjoying the sunshine,I think they were mainly of the
Meadow Brown species but don't hold me to that.

Grey Squirrel

Canadas at St Ives

Hewenden Viaduct in the distance taken from just above Deep Cliff Wood

Local Walk

Sunday August 5th a.m.
 An overcast start to the day with a temperature of 13°C taking the dog for a walk to
Hallas Bridge.Good to see a good number of Swift still over the village and plenty Starlings
on the roof tops.We headed down Hallas Lane where there was a small group of House
Martins feeding overhead,one of three groups we saw,also on the overhead lines was a
good number of Swalows.We stopped at Hallas Bridge and after a few minutes a Dipper
emerged from the water going onto a rock in the water,I always enjoy seeing these birds.
Heading home we caught sight of a couple of Wrens flying into the undergrowth along with
other usual species.
1 - Dipper
13 - House Martin
9 - house Sparrow
15 - Starling
13 - Swallow
9 - Swift
2 Wren
plus others

Saturday 4 August 2012

Harden Moor

Saturday August 4th a.m.
  A dull start to the day with a temperature of 14°C but very pleasant for walking.We
went up to Harden Moor first seeing a pair of Reed Bunting, there were plenty birds singing
and we saw several Willow Warblers and Wrens. Although there were a lot of bird around
it was quite difficult spotting them as there was plenty of lush vegetation for them to take cover in.
We saw House Martins feeding overhead and a couple of Goldfinch flew past,as we walked
past a tree there was a fluttering of wings as a bird broke cover.We watched as it landed on a
fence post in the distance, through our bins we saw our first Green Woodpecker, and took a few
record snaps.Wonderful to see this bird for the first time and a great mornings early birding.
Green Woodpecker

Willow Warbler