Saturday, 28 March 2020

Hallas Bridge & Goit Stock Wood

Saturday 28th march a.m.
 A cloudy morning with some wind blowing making the 4°C temperature feel cold,  I took a different route for my exercise today heading down to Hallas Bridge and up the other side of the valley. From here I could see yesterdays route which was across Hewenden Viaduct and round the reservoir and below was Hallas Bridge and Goit Stock Wood with Cullingworth on the other side.
 Heading back down to Hallas Bridge there was a Grey Heron on a small pond catching fish and soon I heard a Chiffchaff which I finally saw high in a tree.
 I followed Hallas Beck upstream through the wood stopping to watch a noisy Nuthatch, which was soon joined by a Treecreeper and then a Gt Spotted Woodpecker. I then turned round and headed downstream towards the waterfall seeing a Grey Wagtail land on a stone in the beck. As I was taking some pictures of the waterfall I noticed a Dipper just in front of me joined by a second so I was able to get some pictures.
 Others seen were Chaffinch, Wren, Lapwing, Pheasant, Canadas and Goldfinch.

Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail






Hallas Bridge & Goit Stock Wood with Cullingworth in the background

Yesterdays route Hewenden Viaduct & Reservoir

Goit Stock Waterfall

Photo bombed by a Dipper, Goit Stock Waterfall 28/3/2020

Friday, 27 March 2020

Cullingworth & Hewenden Reservoir

Friday March 27th a.m.
 A great morning for getting some exercise with sunshine and blue sky, an overnight frost and a start temperature of 1°C but feeling pleasant with a light wind. I headed for the reservoir seeing House Sparrows, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Dunnock, Chaffinch and Starlings on the way. Then a familiar sound that I've not heard for some time and soon after along the Great Northern Trail there it was high in a tree my first Chiffchaff of the year which was quickly followed by my second and I heard two more during my walk. A Song Thrush was having a wash in a puddle and a Goldfinch was carrying nesting material, then high in a tree a Greenfinch was singing.
 On the Reservoir there were Canadas, Cormorants, Herring and LBB Gulls, at the other side of the viaduct a pair of Grey Wagtails were seen and a Green Woodpecker was yaffling. Walking round the top end of the reservoir I saw a Grey Heron and a Coal Tit was in a Willow Tree.
 Coming back there were a number of Jackdaws and a couple of Cock Pheasants were squaring up, my presence walking past prevented the feathers flying. A good walk getting my daily exercise and having the bonus of seeing plenty birds along the way.

Coal Tit



Goldfinch with nesting material

Grey Wagtail

House Sparrow


Song Thrush

Herring & LBB Gulls

Cock Pheasants squaring up for a fight

Hewenden Reservoir and Viaduct

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Lister Park

Sunday 22nd March a.m.
 A good sunny morning with a temperature of 5°C around the main Lake where there were around twenty Herring Gulls mainly Juveniles. Also here six Greylags, c50 Canadas, Tufteds down to 15 and the usual Coots, Moorhens and Mallards. It was good to see a Great Spotted Woodpecker high up in a tree in the wooded area of the Park. Also here a Goldfinch was collecting nesting material, others seen were Dunnock, LT Tit, Chaffinch, Jay and Wren.


Goldfinch with nesting material

LT Tit



Herring Gull


Lister Park 22/3/2020

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 21st March a.m.
 I was hoping for sunny skies and feeling mild now where in to spring, instead I got cloud cover and a biting Easterly wind making it feel much colder than 3°C. Quieter bird wise as well from my last visit but still at least twelve Oystercatchers in the distant fields with plenty Lapwings in the surrounding fields. I saw just two Redshanks, three Curlew, three Pied Wagtails and a couple of Mipits.



Leeshaw 21/3/2020