Saturday, 20 July 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday 20th July a.m.
Harold Park
 A cooler start to the day after the recent high temperatures, 16°C at Harold Park on our
arrival with cloud overhead but still some occasional sunshine.The BH Gulls numbered 65
with a good number of juveniles among them. The other usual species of Canadas,Mallards,
Coots,Moorhen & Tufted Duck were all present. An unusual Pigeon landed at the edge of the
lake,maybe from a local Loft, it did have ID tags on its legs.The stars of the show for me though
were the GT C. Grebe pair who had four healthy chicks.
Great C. Grebe

Gt. C. Grebe with chicks

Gt. C. Grebe family

BH Gull Juv



Harold Park
 Park Dam
 The temperature was up to 18°C on our arrival at Park Dam just a short distance down the road,
not as many birds here but still a good selection.Again there were 38 BH Gulls with the Canadas,
Tufted Ducks,Coots,Gt C. Grebe,Swifts & Swallows.The pair of Mute Swans only had three
Cygnets down from the six they had on our last visit in early June.There were also plenty Butterflies
around & even a Common Toad made an appearance.
Mute Swan Cygnet

Small Tortoiseshell

Common Toad

Mute Swan with Cygnet

Park Dam


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