Saturday, 23 November 2013

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 23rd November a.m.
 On our way up to Redcar Tarn on our way out of the village we saw a male Kestrel on top
of a telegraph pole so we stopped briefly & got a snap.When we reached Redcar Tarn as
mentioned earlier we were delighted to see the flock of Golden Plover but there were plenty
other birds waiting for us to take a snap of them.These included BH,Common & LBB Gulls,
Mallards,Jackdaws,Chaffinch,Mute Swan,Lapwings,Pied Wagtails & Canadas.Although a
cold morning the sun helped us get some decent snaps & we had an enjoyable mornings birding.
c150 - BH Gulls
7 - Canadas
5 - Chaffinch
8 - Common Gull
15 - Coot
c75 Golden Plover
10 - Jackdaw
c200 - Lapwing
2 - LBB Gull
c100 - Mallard
2 - Moorhen
6 - Muscovy duck
2 - Mute swan
1 - Pheasant
5 - Pied Wag
c150 - Starling
4 - Tufted Duck
plus others
BH Gull

Common Gull

LBB Gull


Kestrel on our way out of Cullingworth


Pied Wagtail



Golden Plover & Lapwing

Redcar Tarn

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