Monday, 14 July 2014

Leeshaw & Ogden Scoters

From Sunday 13th July p.m.
 A bit late with this post as a football match caught my attention along with a few other gardening
jobs.After seeing the reports from BS yesterday we zoomed off to Leeshaw where we found the
male adult Common Scoter a first for us at this site.We saw BV who pointed out some Golden
Plovers as they flew across the res & some Snipe on the far shore line.Other birds included Canadas,
Greylags & building numbers of Lapwings. Oystercatchers were also present some flying across the reservoir giving chance of a quick snap.We then decided to go to Ogden to see if the other bird was
still present.We were in luck & found the male Common Scoter in the middle of the reservoir keeping
its head down, a couple of record shots as it briefly looked up then off to watch the football with
another site tick notched up.
male Common Scoter Leeshaw 13/7/14


male Common Scoter Ogden 13/7/14

Kept its head down at Ogden mostly

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  1. Glad you got them lads. Not easy to snap out in the middle of the water.