Saturday, 28 November 2015

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 28th November a.m.
 A cloudy morning with a strong blustery wind making it feel a lot colder than the recorded 4°C at Redcar Tarn.Good numbers of the usual Mallards & BH Gulls, with others including Canadas,Tufted Duck,Muscovy Duck,Common Gull,Moorhen,Pied Wagtail,Jackdaw & Rook.We just did a quick circuit of the Tarn then we had a walk on Tarn Lane where we found the Lapwing flock with some Starlings & a few more BH Gulls.In a field on the other side of the road was a good sized flock of Starlings we estimated c250, good to see them particularly when they all lifted together.There was a small pond in the field where we watched some of them have a bath & preen their feathers.Also here a Pheasant made an appearance before we headed back to the car to try & warm up as we went home.


Pied Wagtail

Rook & Jackdaw


Muscovy Duck

Tufted Duck

BH Gull

Common Gull

Starlings having a bath

Starling Flock

Redcar Tarn area 28/11/15

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